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What are veneers and why they are needed

Practicing dentist Stas Belous said modern methods of dental prosthetics

Currently have a great smile just enough, even if nature in this respect, a few have tried: it needs only to consult a good dentist. Modern orthopedics offers a wide choice of dental prosthetics that can turn even the most "running" teeth in a dazzling beauty. Among these options is becoming more and more popular veneers. These thin lining on the outer part of the teeth for those patients who want their smile look more aesthetically pleasing.

Veneers is a retaildifferent from crowns that are installed only on the front (external) side of the teeth. They have several varieties according to materials of construction (composite, ceramic, Lumineers). So, what is so good veneers, what with them lately prefer working professionals?

Что такое виниры и зачем они нужны

Stas, Belotto: materials of press-services

The natural effect. Teeth fitted with veneers look perfect, but at the same time perfectly natural. This contributes to the fact that veneers have a small thickness, possess great light-transmitting capacity, have a natural shape and texture. The people around you will only see the dazzling smile, dentures they can not see. This is the advantage of veneers plays a big role when the patient is required to install the veneers on one or two teeth. Color matching the material is done carefully so that the restored teeth will not differ from the rest.

Veneers are not prone to accumulation of plaque. However, here we must remember that this advantage does not exempt the patient from having to undergo regular prophylactic medical examination and to pay due attention to the hygiene of the mouth.

Durability. Although high-quality veneers more porcelain crowns important advantage is long lifetime. Modern veneers at the correct setting and caring for the teeth of the patient can last 10-15 years. Given the fact that the technology of manufacturing materials for veneers are improving all the time, it is possible that in the near future this figure will increase. Worth remembering that the quality of the veneers and the skill of the dentist is not everything. A lot depends on how the patient complies with the rules of hygiene of the teeth, protects them from mechanical, chemical, and physiological damage.

Что такое виниры и зачем они нужны

Photos "before" and "after"Photo: materials of press-services

The durability of the colors. Veneers are not exposed to the appearance of stains, discoloration, staining. Ideally, after the smokers should give up their bad habits. But even if this happens, you can be sure — the color of the veneers throughout the entire life will remain the same. The same applies to the use of coffee, tea, juices: veneers are not exposed to the external changes due to these products.

Biocompatibility with the oral tissues. Allergic reactions to veneers are extremely rare and depend on the individual patient. Allergen can be one monomer or dye, which the material of the veneer. However, it is worth noting that the percentage of disabilities for patients with this type of prosthesis is negligible.

Maximum preservation of healthy dental tissues. As already mentioned, the veneers are lining on the outer part of the teeth. When installing them does not require grinding of the entire tooth, as in the prosthetic crowns. Removed a thin layer of tooth structure from the front part of the teeth corresponding to the thickness of the future veneer. Lumineers are a great option for those who want to restore their teeth without preparation: they are so thin that the grinding of the tooth is not required at all.


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