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Rules of etiquette: the best creams and powders gathered beauty tools that help to hide skin imperfections

Let's face it: few of us can boast perfect skin. Even regular and proper care, there is always the chance that they will jump up a zit, dark circles under the eyes, shiny nose.

The ladies were lucky: unlike men, they can resort to decorative cosmetics concealer to hide imperfections like rosacea, acne, post-acne. Every woman from time to time finds herself on the face a variety of flaws, and they are especially upset if this day is a romantic date, a responsible business meeting or a formal event where you want to look their best. Fortunately, there are quick and simple solution to this problem. And although we can not really improve the skin condition, but we can improve its appearance. All you need is a suitable concealer, perfectly matched to your type and skin color.

Mascara Bourjois Mattifying Foundation from Babor

Правила хорошего тона: лучшие тональные кремы и пудры

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As the name implies, this cream is recommended primarily for matting skin. That is, it easily removes Shine, giving the skin a "powdery" finish. Although the texture Mattifying Foundation is very lightweight, matte finish is maintained for the whole day. Not surprisingly, this tool is very popular among TV presenters and stars of show business: even under the lights makeup "not floats" and remains quite persistent. Another huge plus Mattifying Foundation — in parallel with the camouflage your skin tone it has a powerful lifting effect, hyaluronic acid in its composition intensely moisturizes Mature skin.

CC Cream Natural excellence Nordic Nude from Lumene

Правила хорошего тона: лучшие тональные кремы и пудры

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In 2011 butyric learned and instantly remembered the new acronym — SS cream. That's when the light appeared a new vehicle, which immediately settled in the purses and on the dressing table of many women. SS stands for Color Control or Color Correction, which means control and color correction. These creams usually have a pearly white texture, but when applied, the tool instantly blends into the skin, adjusting to her tone.

It is thus CC Cream Natural excellence Nordic Nude from Lumene. It's a kind of mimicry thanks to the innovative technology, where the tinting pigments are enclosed in microcapsules that are released upon contact with skin. Due to this, your skin looks perfect and of course, at the same time, emitting a delicate glow.

And, of course, as with any decorative cosmetics Lumene, in the composition of this cream are conditioning ingredients. In this case, the formula is reinforced with complex Skinarctic Lumenessence that moisturizes, smoothes the skin and gives Shine. In the complex Arctic spring water to moisturize and maintain lipid balance, seed extract of Arctic cloudberry for shining and organic birch juice for soft skin.


Правила хорошего тона: лучшие тональные кремы и пудры

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Well, you know that as soon as Peeps bright sunshine, you need to immediately redefine your beauty Arsenal? Since summer is in full swing, regular cream should contain protection against ultraviolet. Artistry Exact Fit™ BB cream with SPF 35 contains a specially developed complex Artistry Exact Fit™ Tahitian pearls and light reflecting particles which gives the skin a natural, flawless look and perfect tone. Also, this cream contains glacier water from the Norwegian fjords, which refreshes and moisturizes the skin thanks to the unique technology with a liposome. As a result the skin becomes instantly healthy, hydrated and radiant look.

Mattifying powder Foundation for normal to oily skin VICHY DERMABLEND [COVERMATTE] SPF 25

Правила хорошего тона: лучшие тональные кремы и пудры

Photo: materials of press-services

Clearly, if your skin is prone to acne, enlarged pores, and after a stay in the sun appeared pigmentation, the first thing you need to go to the dermatologist or beautician. But if you solve their problem skin, just not yet achieved visible results, to mask even the most severe imperfections, you can use this powder. Sustainable matte effect concealer for sixteen hours, and a light delicate texture and natural appearance and will not create the feeling of the mask on the face. Powder, by the way, and skin care. Because it includes salicylic acid, zinc gluconate, vitamin E.


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