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Transparent gloss, bright lashes and negligent packing

Study the latest trends in makeup and hairstyles

During the audit in the purses and on the dressing table officially came. Inspired by beauty-inventory is easy — look at the images offered us by the makeup artists from the past fashion weeks have demonstrated the latest summer trends.

With a smile for life

Long ago we didn't see the glitter on the runway, but this season has done their triumphant return. So that your favorite lipstick can be safely postponed until the fall — the trend of the usual matte finish is slowly disappearing. And to wet the glitter will stay with you even after lunch, first prepare the lips with a primer or translucent powder. Either apply a balm over lipstick, because you can change its texture quite easy.

Adhesive tape

Прозрачные блески, яркие ресницы и небрежные укладки

Makeup artists offer safely apply mascara in several slewfoot:

Makeup artists rush from one extreme to another: in winter, they defended the trend on naked lashes, and now offer safe to apply mascara in two or three layers. But still advise you not to overdo it. Glued lashes only good for the models, they look untidy.

Blooms and smells

Прозрачные блески, яркие ресницы и небрежные укладки

Sloppy stacking very actuallygot:

Simple makeup without excessive frills best suited for such simple styling. To help you a variety of sprays with sea salt and other texturizing tools with which you can create careless curls in just a few minutes. To add hair stylists recommend fresh flowers.


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