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How to keep teeth healthy

Expert dentist Igor Kurov — about the rules of hygiene of the oral cavity that cannot be ignored

Healthy teeth — is not only a Testament to how well we care for them, but our "companion" for life, so they deserve responsible treatment, daily attention and care.

The choice of means of hygiene of an oral cavity is large and associated with certain medical conditions. To the means of individual hygiene of the oral cavity include:





The best way to care for the oral cavity has always been, and remains, the cleaning of toothpaste 2 times a day and gargle after every meal. In addition to manual and automatic brushes vary in stiffness: extra-soft, soft, medium-soft, hard, ultra hard.

Factors affecting and having negative impact on teeth:

food. Sugar in any form, products with high acidity (sour candies, juices, some apples, oranges), popcorn, simple carbohydrates, coffee — all these products have a detrimental effect on the enamel and to get involved with them is not worth it;

irregular or improper cleansing. To use a toothbrush or floss, preferably after every meal;

-Smoking and alcohol. Cigarettes spoil the enamel, giving it a yellowish tint. If excessive Smoking occurs of the circulatory vessels, the gums become inflamed and begin to bleed, there is a risk of periodontal disease. Alcoholic drinks contribute to the formation of Tartar.

How often should I visit the dentist?

The answer to this question depends on the condition of the teeth. Visit to the dentist will help prevent dental diseases such as tooth decay, sensitive dentin, endemic fluorosis, discoloration of teeth, hyperplasia, flux. If the teeth are healthy, it only takes two visits a year. In the presence of the disease — not less than once in three months. Preventive examination, as a rule, not time-consuming. After the oral examination your doctor may order additional tests or suggest to the patient professional dental cleaning with ultrasound. This painless procedure allows you to not only remove plaque but also to perfectly align the surface of the teeth.


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