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How to fight photoaging

Summer this year was Sunny and we all got a dose of ultraviolet light. And now it's time to take care of their skin to stay beautiful and young

About thirty years ago, when the term "photoaging", scientists have proved that under the influence of the sun in the skin start happening processes similar to age of aging. The skin becomes dry, less elastic and more rough, slowing down the cell renewal process, there are "stars" and small wrinkles.

When skin changes color during sun included safeguards from sunlight. But if you constantly tan, the skin no time to recover, starts premature aging. To help the skin, you need to ensure that the body does not overheat. Ahead of the autumn season. Be sure to use sunscreen. Drink plenty of water and use moisturizing creams and cosmetics with antioxidants such as retinol or an extract from red grapes.

University of California researchers have proven that the best assistants in the fight against photoaging are vitamins C, A and E. So, while you can, eat as much fruit and berries and vegetables.

Как бороться с фотостарением

Olga Acolyte: materials of press-services

Olga Sokolyuk, dermatologist, cosmetologist:

— After the summer season is recommended to be examined by a dermatologist or a cosmetologist. Consult doctor need if you got a summer sunburn. Increased dryness of the skin is also a cause, when to see a doctor. If you don't fill the deficit of moisture in the deeper layers of the skin with the help of professional procedures, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, electroporation, plazmolifting, premature aging is inevitable. At home, you can moisturize only the superficial layers. But the recipes are very simple: whisk one raw egg yolk, add three drops of lemon juice and apply for ten minutes, rinse with warm water. Moisten mask with cucumber, watermelon and yoghurt, melon and yogurt. Do not RUB the skin just lemon (not diluting the acid) and especially celandine, as suggest in some "grandma's" recipes. If the skin is damaged by sunburn, you can't do peels. Strictly forbidden alone try to "bleach" or remove pigmentation of education skin. The consequences of such manipulation: scars, scarring, increased pigmentation — it is difficult to fight. And complications occur very often. If the skin is dehydrated after an active tan, wrinkles, sagging, age spots, dilated vessels — efficiently solve these problems is only possible with a specialist. Most often, we assign a small integrated program for the treatment of photoaging, choosing the procedure in such a way that they reinforce each other.


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