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Every whim: how to train your sensitive skin

The main rules of care that must be followed to the reaction your face has always been under control

Instantly respond to change is an excellent quality for person. But when does your face, it's time to think. prompt how to cope with cranky sensitive skin.

It is curious that the sensitive nature of the skin is not seen. Almost half of the residents of big cities she is. Overdo it with the new serum, to go out into the cold without a protective cream or simply overeating sweet as the face begins to redden and swell. To explain this paradox is simple. The skin is the largest organ of the body. This is our protective shell, protecting the internal tissue. It is exposed to many factors that are harmful in particular, and its sensitivity is thus able to escalate. It starts sensitive to wind, temperature extremes, sun, dissolved in tap water substances, and, of course, on cosmetics. Become reactive can any — greasy, oily, dry and even normal. However, not to be confused with skin allergies and sensitive. If the first responds to certain components in cosmetics or food, then for the second stimulus can serve as almost anything. She is more prone to rash, pigmentation, sunburn, acne and requires special care. So how to distinguish them? Allergic reactions usually occur three to five hours after application of cosmetics, sensitive skin will give you response immediately, after five to ten, maximum thirty minutes. Usually women are aware of the problems, very picky when choosing a new care products. So, if you are not sure what something means, test in advance. To do this, apply it on your upper arm and see whether the redness within twenty-four hours.

The sensitivity is not some individual characteristic. It's always an additional factor, that is, your skin may be dry, problem or oily, but reactive. Thus, uniform rules of care does not exist, it is necessary to consider all the indicators. Should visit a beautician who will help you to choose the perfect remedies for your skin type and tell you how not to provoke unexpected reactions. It should follow the basic guidelines is also useful.


Early fall is a challenge for us. The sun's rays dried protective barrier, breaking with difficulty found a balance. When a person is very scaly, a the cost of washing only with water, which is wrong. After all, we sleep all night, and the skin at this time is, on its surface creates toxins that need to be washed off. Do it gently and carefully will help the moisturizing foam and lotion. If the person needs more intensive cleaning, you should not use aggressive scrubs. Use for daily washing means in a gel base with anti-inflammatory components. They do not contain alcohol, deep clean pores and not dried. You can also visit ultrasonic cleaning (but in any case not mechanical — it is able to increase reactivity). For oily skin, useful for washing of pea and chickpea powder, and dry-fit brewed oatmeal.

Любой каприз: как приручить чувствительную кожу

Make sure that you leave no sportfoto:

Primary care

First of all, make sure that the products that you use, no alcohol. It will desiccate the already dehydrated epidermis. Better to be a few times a week apply a hydrating and nourishing mask, for example, hyaluronic acid. Well softens the skin mask of the same cereal. Pour small amount of boiling water one tablespoon of flakes, cover and leave for ten minutes. Then warm gruel apply on face and massage with fingertips. Leave on for fifteen minutes and rinse.

If you often suffer from burns, freckles and rashes on the face visible capillaries and vessels, will be useful massage cottage cheese or milk for five minutes and subsequent washing with cold water. Either apply cucumber or potato juice and RUB it slowly for ten minutes, rinse with cold water.

Owners of dry skin prone to wrinkles and age spots, daily RUB cocoa butter smooth circular motions for three to four minutes. Leave on for twenty minutes and rinse with lukewarm water. Once a week you can mix milk with a pinch of turmeric, apply on for half an hour and then remove with warm water.

Texture remedies for oily skin — it's all a matter of principle. Set aside thick creams, they are not your option. Preferred lighter fluids, gels and serums. But don't forget that whey is a tool that solves a particular problem (removes redness, or struggling with the rash), but does not protect. Therefore, one can not do. It is necessary to add a daily care which protects and enhances the effectiveness of the product. Pay attention to the composition. Products should not be mineral oil, paraffin and petroleum products that clog the pores. But chamomile, cucumber, ylang-ylang and tea tree are very helpful. They perfectly regulate the oily skin.

Любой каприз: как приручить чувствительную кожу

Do not overdo it with kislotami:


To avoid redness in the street, apply the cream at least half an hour before leaving the house. You can use special products from reactive redness. They strengthen the walls of blood vessels and visually align the tone at the expense of green. If you're unlucky and the vascular mesh has already appeared (usually it is visible around the wings of the nose), use of funds, improving microcirculation, for example creams with oxygen. Also help products with Edelweiss extract.

Active cosmetics

Holders of reactive skin usually use more powerful means to keep her under control. This often is the cause of unexpected sensitivity. For example, if you overdid it with the acid, a protective barrier will be naturally impaired, and the result is obvious — even more fat and a lot of inflammation. In regard to acids, it is not worth to engage in independent action. They normalize the work of skin problem, but to find them needs a doctor. Not only the facilities themselves but also the regularity of use and needed a break (Yes, it is impossible to apply continuously, no matter how well they worked). I still want to add a light acidic cleansing in home care? Ideal solution would be an enzyme peel, which gently exfoliates. Another common reason for a sudden sensitivity — "overdose" means retinol. Because of this the skin begins to peel off. The output here is the same: not to use such means without control of the doctor-cosmetologist.


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