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5 harmful habits, which we age

Expert Valeriya Barchenko, head of the medical center, trendsetter and aesthetics Permanent Make-up in Russia and Europe, advises to abandon some rituals

Ignore creams with SPF protection

Photoaging is one of the main causes of wrinkles, dryness of skin, breakdown of collagen and elastin. Even if you don't like to tan, to forget about creams with SPF protection is not necessary as exposure to sunlight and, consequently, the radiation our face is exposed daily — winter and summer. Therefore, the chances of photodegradation increasing with each passing day more and more. Enough in winter face cream with a protection factor of 10, in the summer, because the sun is more active, 20-25 units. If you go on holiday in a hot country, the level of protection should be not less than 30 units. In addition, today you can buy moisturizing creams for face with SPF, but mascara for everyday use, protects from photoaging. Also, don't use 2 tools with UV factors: since they reduce each other's effect. Therefore, it is preferable for daily use two creams (moisturizer and Foundation), the emphasis is on the latter — better that he was with SPF.

5 вредных привычек, от которых мы стареем

Valeria, Burkinafaso: materials of press-services

Excessive love cleanse

All, without exception, know that cleansing is the key to its health and beauty. But some forget that the cleansing should be correct and in the first place, correspond to skin type. Don't overdo this with homemade scrubs, using a variety of peels and cleansing masks. In the presence of normal skin scrub should be used no more than 2 times a week, otherwise you may face in the future with the advent of irritation, dryness of the skin which in turn can lead to the deterioration of epidermis and the formation of premature wrinkles. If you have dry and sensitive skin scrubs are generally contraindicated — it is better to use every 10 days different gommage. Acquire the means for daily cleansing of your skin according to its type. In the cold season, when the skin is more susceptible to external influences and almost everyone has a tendency to dry, replace the gel on the special micellar oil, which is suitable for any type and preserves the natural balance when washing. And in the summer give your skin a chance to rest from cosmetics and makeup, but don't forget about creams with UV protection: the less makeup, the less power will be spent on cleansing it too sometimes need a break.

5 вредных привычек, от которых мы стареем

Do not overdo the cleansing, cogitate:

Squeezing pimples

This was repeatedly mentioned, but still must be worth repeating. Squeezing pimples is bad not only because it could get infected, but because the process of extruding involves injury of the skin, its stretching, therefore, may be detrimental to her condition. Getting rid of pimples must trust the professionals and home exclusively to implement their recommendations. Besides, prone to inflammation, oily skin is always a double-edged sword: it is often sensitive, therefore, it is more susceptible to wrinkles and the first signs of aging.

Don't use a humidifier/thermal water

Humidifier, spray with thermal water in your purse or on your Desk in the office is what allows our skin to get rid of many problems: dryness, premature aging, the appearance of redness and irritation.

5 вредных привычек, от которых мы стареем

Sleep is very important for beauty and molodosti:

You don't get enough sleep

Remember, the day is not mere words: it must be respected. And you have to sleep on time. Restful sleep is a fresh, relaxed face, no "bags" under the eyes, is the youth and beauty that cannot be replaced by any expensive Spa treatments. Besides, it was night in the human body produced the so-called hormone of youth and beauty — serotonin, which is responsible for ensuring that we have properly endocrine and immune systems, normalizability pressure. Serotonin is known for its antioksidantnym influence — he does not allow our body to grow old and even struggling with excess weight, as it participates in the fat burning process while we are asleep. To produce serotonin begins with 12 hours of night, but in order for that to happen, at this time you need to sleep already. Therefore, it is important to go to bed early.

To maintain good health and youthful skin is important, as you sleep. Don't forget before going to bed ventilate the room in winter time to turn on the humidifier, or at least put on the battery wet towel. Do not use synthetic bed linen — synthetics cause allergies and skin irritation. Give preference to natural materials. Will help to keep youth and the position in which you sleep, if you are used to sleep, his nose buried in the pillow or on the side, with age, don't be surprised discovered after waking up the creases and wrinkles. Sleep better at the back and keep the head rigid, orthopedic pillow. And placed under the leg pillow will help prevent swelling in the morning.


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