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SPA-salon at home, high perfume and eyebrow pencil from Olga Romanova have collected the best beauty innovations

Fall is the time when you want to hide from the world and to arrange a SPA salon at home. Thanks to the new Royal service Samples to make it easy. In the limited box of "I'm at the SPA" were the best means to care for skin and hair.

SPA-салон на дому, высокая парфюмерия и карандаш для бровей от Ольги Романовой

Photo: materials of press-services

Bend fingers: revitalizing face mask with white clay "the Secret of Cleopatra" by Faberlic, gel against dark circles and bags under the eyes Comfort from Lux Markell, solid bath oil "skin Tone and restore" and a coffee scrub for face and body from the Eo Laboratorie, Foundation day cream "beauty balm" from Arnebia Selection, easy leave-in conditioner spray for hair "Cleo" from the Fresh Line, mask-like patches under the eyes from Arang, pedicure socks from El skin activating serum against the first signs of aging 26+ Swiss Image, cleansing and detox shampoo Detox Clean One from Master SPA shampoo and shower gel and bath from Naturalis, nail Polish China Glaze, moisturizing cream from Naobay, and even a scented candle from Candlemania. Agree with this luxurious set of tools from the world of beauty and health each will be able to create the house is small but very cozy, personal SPA-salon. So go ahead: fill the bathtub with water, light the candles and prepare to relax!

High perfumery

Reali Le Gemme, a new collection of high perfumery from Alberto-Morillas. Three fragrances dedicated to the three precious gems — sapphire, ruby and emerald and inspired by legendary Byzantine Empress Theodora. Her amazing biography: Theodore was able courtesan to reach the throne and decide the fate of thousands of people.

SPA-салон на дому, высокая парфюмерия и карандаш для бровей от Ольги Романовой

Photo: materials of press-services

First, you in bottles that are themselves a work of art. But most importantly, of course, what lurks inside. All three flavors — is absolutely not similar to each other, each with its own character, but believe me, neither one of them you don't want to give up.

Let's try to talk about each separately. So, Nylaia Blue sapphire. This stone was considered by the Egyptians the "star" and spoke about the involvement of higher layers. At the heart of this fragrance — a "blue gold" perfume, precious iris. At first, besides iris, you don't feel anything, and only later it becomes clear that this profound composition of many ingredients. Among them we found and notes benzoyle resin, and grey amber, and white musk.

Rubinia — fire ruby — sensual and daring Oriental fragrance with notes of amber, eloquent embodiment of triumphant femininity. This is more fruit flavor, whose main note is Sicilian Mandarin. Along with them are a great trio sandalwood and Tonka beans absolute.

Finally, Veridia is dedicated to emerald. A magical elixir reflects the depth and richness of contrasts of bright woody green aroma. This perfume is a United front made such seemingly different ingredients like galbanum, sweet vanilla and incense.

Perfect eyebrows from Romanovamakeup

Olga Romanova, a well-known celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert, has finally unveiled the long-awaited new — eyebrow pencil EYEBROW PENCIL SEXY. He has a unique triangular shape stylus: the long side of the stylus is easily done broad strokes, and a sharp tip — thin and crisp. This optimal pencil hardness texture and persistent pigmented formula.

SPA-салон на дому, высокая парфюмерия и карандаш для бровей от Ольги Романовой

Photo: materials of press-services

In the best traditions of Olga Romanova, each shade is designed with special care and easily adapts to different types of appearance. Two unique ash shades: ICE BLONDE ice blonde, light, natural, cool shade, naturally and delicately highlight the brow. Suitable for blondes and owners of light blonde hair. ASH BROWN — ash brown, darker and full-bodied. Fit for owners of light brown hair.


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