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Let's start with a clean face: how to deal with acne

Expert the doctor-dermatologist and cosmetologist Anton Averbukh talks about the modern techniques of transformation of problem skin

Acne is changes in the skin after suffering acne, that is acne. Acne can be expressed in the form of enlarged pores, uneven texture, spider veins, dead spots, pigmentation. Most often, acne appears in the form of scars on the skin. The most common manifestations of post-acne face after medium-heavy and heavy forms of acne. Part of the blame for the occurrence of acne lies with the patients, especially those who can't resist squeezing pimples. Treatment of acne depends on the nature of the manifestations.

If a patient is worried about pigmentation, the treatment face chemical peels. Best with the manifestations of acne manage whitening peels, for example, peeling of Gessner. In addition to the peels, you can use whitening cosmetics. One of the more serious procedures are well established laser methods of correction. For the treatment of acne suitable non-ablative methods, in which no damage to the skin, the neodymium laser, vodolechenie and ablative — laser, carbon dioxide laser (CO2).

Начнем с чистого лица: как бороться с постакне

Acne is changes in the skin after suffering acne, sapetto:

With stagnant and vascular spots after acne helps to handle special cosmetics, which contributes to the narrowing of blood vessels. The main ingredient of these cosmetics is horse chestnut extract. Lately also, there are drugs that with regular use is able to temporarily narrow the blood vessels for a period of time until they act. One such remedy is the gel "Mirvat Derm". The best method of getting rid of stagnant and vascular stains is vodolechenie and laser treatment: the neodymium laser, the copper vapor laser.

Pores and scarring of the skin as a result of the postan treated with similar methods: peels trichloroacetic or phenolic acid, carbon dioxide lasers (CO2) and erbium laser. At the moment laser treatment is the most effective compared to other methods of influence: by means of a laser on the skin to apply a lot of small incisions, which contributes to the gradual transformation of scar collagen in nerubay — this allows almost completely get rid of scars. In order to cope with the problem, you need to undergo several treatments (course of) treatment with a laser. Of the new methods of treatment of the manifestations of acne can be called fractional radio frequency lifting on the machine Fracture. The method consists in the introduction under the skin of fine needles, through which is fed the radio frequency electric current, thus there is a powerful heating of the skin and the transformation of scar tissue in nedubrovo. For the treatment of acne use different kind of injection of hyaluronic acid, and collagen polinukleotid. Injection method is combined with treatment with fractional laser and RF lifting. To get effective result most often chosen method of alternation of these treatments.

Начнем с чистого лица: как бороться с постакне

The manifestations of acne good peels and laser methods, corrective:

To treat severe cases of acne used surgical methods: excision of the major scars or incision of the skin and subcutaneous retina in those areas where they are soldered — used a thick needle, thin scalpels scalpels and wire type Wire APTOS.

You have to understand that one treatment to get rid of the postan impossible. Moreover, sometimes it is rather problematic to find a suitable treatment method that is why the problem should only be handled in the clinic, not to a nearby beauty salon which has all the necessary equipment (lasers, machines Fracture, etc.), and only a specialist — dermatologist-cosmetician. Another important point — the treatment of acne can be practiced only after you have dealt with acne themselves. If the patient is currently in varying degrees, present acne, you will first need to deal with the manifestations of acne, and then move on to the treatment of acne. Only this sequence of actions will allow to achieve an excellent result.


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