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5 myths about acne

Lights cosmetologist

Myth # 1

Squeeze acne can not be, otherwise they will be even more. In fact, the ripened inflammation better to remove. Just remember that it should be done with clean hands and treat the problem area of the skin pharmacy with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide.

5 мифов о прыщах

The causes of the disease can be разные

Myth # 2

Sweet and fatty foods causes rashes on the face. However, beauticians have long denied this causal link. Stress, hormonal imbalance, improper skin care — there are many.

5 мифов о прыщах

Scrubs can навредить

Myth # 3

Professional care — cleaning will rid us of this problem. As it is not so. Acne is a disease that requires systemic treatment. First we need to determine the cause and begin to deal with it.

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Problem skin can ruin a life

Myth # 4

Makeup clogs the pores and causes inflammation. Modern, high-quality Foundation does not have such properties. But remember, you can just go over this tool, so popping a pimple.

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Don't forget to go to косметологу

Myth # 5

Advertising promises to solve the problem in minutes and drugstore shelves littered with miraculous means, which should help, but do not rush to spend money on them. Better, visit a beautician to have it explained how to comprehensively cure the disease.

5 мифов о прыщах

The doctor will select the right лечение


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