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Updated makeup bag to meet the cold head-on

We all love autumn to get some fresh air, but that's about skin protection forget. As her right to protect?

In late autumn worry seems to be not what it is: a strong cold not yet exist, except a rare freeze Yes a little wind... But, it turns out, these little natural disasters quickly turn into trouble for the skin even if the sun is shining and the temperature does not drop to zero.

He wrote a classic: "frost and sun day is wonderful...", and then offered his companion rather meet on a walk. About the fact that the girl need to take the time to care for themselves, Pushkin did not mention in a single line. Well, okay, he's a man, it is excusable. But for the ladies, ignorance of the law is a cold time can result in serious problems. Let's examine two main.

Are affected blood vessels. Due to the impact of the cold, they instantly expand. At first it only leads to temporary decrease of protective properties, but then you can get rosacea. Without adequate care it is easy to bring the skin to rosacea — persistent redness of the face and the appearance of pinkish rash. But it is a direct sequel to rosacea, to win which is not that much work. Especially if you undertake business in a responsible and just not run.

In addition, the skin suffers from dehydration due to violation of its lipid-lipid exchange: communication between cells disintegrate and it becomes difficult to retain moisture. It's starting to peel and fade.

The picture is not particularly good, but the cold is not a reason to lock up the house, to abandon the long autumn walks and other pleasures available to us in the fresh air. You just need to choose the right protection. Every twenty days, the epidermis is renewed, so in advance to prepare for the cold weather doesn't make any sense. However, the protection needed from the occurrence of a small temperature contrast — that is, when you go out from a warm apartment in the cold. We will learn to do everything "by the book".

Обновляем косметичку, чтобы встретить холода во всеоружии

In any case, do not use before going out moisturizers with large amounts of water in sostaviteli:

Autumn rules

No matter you have dry skin, oily or normal — any is threatened in the cold. So the new care should be designed to reduce sensitivity, and improve vascular barrier function.

The most important thing is to protect the face before leaving the house. Especially if you are not planning to immediately jump in the car (then you can do the usual day cream) and still spend some time on the air. Below the skin is normally suffered in a temperature contrast, use a thick nourishing cream that creates a protective film. It can detect the composition: in the first place it will be natural oil, not water. From application to exit, ideally, should take at least half an hour. But if you are in a hurry, use a little trick: apply the cream evenly and thinly. If this is not done, then the cold is invariably begin to freeze himself and at the same time obnarujivat your face.

In any case, do not use before going out moisturizers with large amounts of water in the composition. In the cold she kristallizuetsya in the upper layers of the skin and injure it. So fluids and other similar products leave for the evening ritual of care. The use of such funds before entering is allowed only if you have extremely dry and dehydrated skin. But then to apply them should be at least an hour, and then not to forget about protection.

And, of course, remember that not only the face "open to all winds". Hands require at least a responsible approach, and a special thick kind of cream should always be in your handbag. And the first time it must be applied even at home when staying warm. Don't forget the other sensitive areas of the body, for example elbows and knees. Don't forget that Central heating is very dry, so often RUB a nourishing cream, if you do not mind the feeling of the film, or lighter moisturizer, which absorbs quickly without a trace.

The cleansing ritual at this time of year, too, is a bit correct. Remove makeup with lotion or micellar solution and not wash with water. But not everyone is suitable. If without a full washing, you do not feel that the skin is cleansed, use the usual foams and gels. However, try to choose soft and wash up.

From cold weather the skin loses a lot of moisture, decreasing its metabolism, but cells soon be updated, so that the peeling is inevitable. It is logical that you may want to do peeling, and there is nothing criminal. Give preference to soft scrubs and don't forget that the most important is proper food and hydration. They should actively push.

Обновляем косметичку, чтобы встретить холода во всеоружии

Your skin also needs in samiapata:

Peels the more serious the fall is allowed to do in the salons. November — a period of low solar activity, this is the perfect time to recover from the negative impact of harmful UV rays. The cosmetologist will help you choose the most appropriate type of peel. Besides that the procedure can easily extend over several days, because first you need to pay special attention to the protection: use soothing masks and greasy treatments and even, if possible, a few days do not go out, not to amorosity face. Re-habilitation after the procedure is also very important. During the first days the skin is dehydrated, there is redness. Its intensity and duration depends on the depth and type of impact. For example, after peeling fruit acids there is only a slight redness, which passes within a couple of hours. Peeling starts on day and lasts a couple of days. While the result of exposure to trichloroacetic acid skin stays red for up to two days. Retinoid, or median, peels — even more powerful, get ready for what the face will peel off much and the recovery will take five to seven days. To bring unpleasant consequences to a minimum as quickly as possible, you need to use a moisturizer to restore the violated barrier layer. In addition, in the first days it is better to use gels or foams. They are easy to apply and quickly absorbed. After that, you can go for creams that must contain nutritional and protective substances, and antioxidants. It is important to observe hygienic mode. Try as much as possible to touch the skin after the procedure, she is very vulnerable. In any case, do not get carried away people's recipes. Herbal mask with their grandmother and can trigger allergies, which will only increase the time of rehabilitation.

Change for the better

Different types of makeup — it is something like food and drink for the skin. Ideally, beauty products in autumn and winter it is necessary to change three or four times during the day: before you leave home, apply a protective cream, in the office in about an hour to clean the face wipe or micellar lotion and use a normal, usual day (you're in the room, so a thick coating to anything) in the end of the day to re-apply the "armor" in the form of a protective cream, and a home to wash it and finally use a moisturizing fluid and night care. Of course, not everyone has this option, but if your skin allows you to do a minimum of makeup, try such a scheme — despite the apparent complexity, it is easy to learn, and noticeable results it gives very quickly.

And where exactly can you afford this change, so it is in the gym. Before the lesson, you can wash off the protective cream and apply a light serum. If you mind the feeling of stickiness on the skin, do just the thermal water and sprinkle it all over your face a couple of times (it can also be refreshing during a workout). After the lesson, re-wash and apply cream — now you are completely ready to go.

When the first snow falls, note whether your cosmetics SPF factor. It is advisable to choose products with protection at least ten or twenty units, because in addition to direct sunlight, appear reflected from snow. It becomes especially important for those suffering from pigmentation and freckles.

In addition to proper care before going out in the cold it is important not to forget about the reverse contrast of temperatures — when you come back into heat. Do not try to quickly warm the skin with warm or worse, hot water: is the right way to couperose. Better let her gradually, slowly get used to the heat.


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