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5 tricks to care for themselves

Applying them, you will look flawless, not spend

Quirk # 1

If you want to achieve smooth and radiant skin, use bakingam is a special technique in makeup that will help to remove dark circles under the eyes. The secret is that the powder is applied with a damp sponge. However, we can save and replace a translucent powder to baby powder. The effect is the same.

5 хитростей по уходу за собой

Expensive powder replace присыпкой

Quirk # 2

Want a white smile? There is one effective and cheap method of teeth whitening. Just need to crush a few tablets of activated charcoal and brush your teeth with this powder. Regularly carry out the procedure, and you will be surprised with the result.

5 хитростей по уходу за собой

Activated carbon in each аптечке

Quirk # 3

To remove yellowing, softening the cuticles and Polish the nails, you can use regular soda baths. And will help the solution is: 2 tsp of hydrogen peroxide and ½ tsp of baking soda. These ingredients must be mixed to the consistency of paste, it should be applied for five minutes — so the effect will be achieved faster.

5 хитростей по уходу за собой

Soda - good отбеливатель

Quirk # 4

Never throw away the parings of lemon is an excellent remedy to strengthen nails. After two weeks of regular rubbing it will help from breakage. And is considered one of the most affordable natural products to enhance, restore and accelerate nail growth.

5 хитростей по уходу за собой

Don't throw away the lime slices and лимона

Quirk # 5

With swelling and dark circles under the eyes will help to cope raw potatoes. Grate a little root and soak juice with pulp cotton pads. Put to sleep eye. Repeat the procedure through the day and your look will become fresh and bright.

5 хитростей по уходу за собой

You have картошка?

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