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If you are a little over 40: make the perfect eyebrow

Every age group has its own characteristics of makeup. tell how to become younger with a few strokes

Beautiful eyebrows — the basis for perfect makeup face. Using the correction form, you can change the proportions of the face, to draw attention to the eyes. Every age group has its own characteristics of the make-up and women after 40 it's especially important to care for your eyebrows and to follow their changes. If done properly, your eyebrows will help you look years younger.

How to care for eyebrows

Over time, the quality of our skin change: it loses its elasticity, wrinkles and other imperfections. All of this can be kept under control with the help of salon procedures, but home care has not been canceled. The same as skin, eyebrows require special care. You need to exfoliate the skin under them, to pluck extra hairs, treating the eyebrows with oils for better growth.

Если вам немного за 40: делаем идеальные брови

Over time, the quality of our skin, mastersafe:

When you remove makeup, use products without alcohol: they are very dry skin. A good solution would be micellar water or hydrophilic oil. They do not contain coarse particles and aggressive components, just dissolve cosmetics. Can once a week apply the cream on the area of the eyebrows.

Experts advise to use herbal tinctures, they will help to get new hair. The basis for the broth will serve as nettle, chamomile and hops cones. Pour the dried herbs in equal proportions with boiling water and allow to infuse for five minutes. Moisten a cotton pad and applied to the eyebrows for ten minutes. The course consists of six treatments.

The important point is the shape of the eyebrows. Now popular natural, without sharp lines. When you pluck your eyebrows, do not touch the outer edge — only the lower part. It is best to consult a beautician who will help you choose the eyebrow shape to your face.

Если вам немного за 40: делаем идеальные брови

The important point is the shape of brovetto:

After 40, you may notice that the eyebrows start to fall out, in addition, they lose their former brightness. The situation can improve well-chosen cosmetics. However, if eyebrows are too much fall out, in this case, your salvation will be tattooing. It is important to choose a qualified professional, then not to correct the mistakes of the beginner.

But if you are going to use cosmetics, you need to follow some rules:

1. First shape eyebrows with tweezers. Aiming for maximum symmetry, in order to use as less makeup in the future. Use several shades: one lighter, to start the eyebrows, the second, slightly darker to base. Don't need to draw the blue-black eyebrow is a sign of bad taste. Apply cosmetics with a brush from start of brow to end. After staining swipe the eyebrow brush to spread the hairs.

2. If you do not have enough hairs, brush them with a thin pencil. But make sure that after all the procedures of these hairs of the eyebrows is not sticking out in different directions: indeed, the point is to make the most natural eyebrows. The final step should be the laying tool. Yes, eyebrow also do a special wax. But again, don't apply too much.

Если вам немного за 40: делаем идеальные брови

Aim for maximum symmetricorremote:

3. If you do not want to use a pencil or shadow, look for mascara for eyebrows. It is very well distributed, progresiva them from the roots. But this tool is suitable only in the case if you have enough hair in their eyebrows. To fix the result can be loose powder and a special brush.

And remember: the most important thing is naturalness.

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