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5 ways to whiten your teeth from the comfort of home

How to whiten teeth at home without the help of a dentist? will tell you what foods will make enamel brighter

Dentists estimate that one in five patients seek a teeth whitening. People will do anything for a Hollywood smile — no wonder they say that she is our secret weapon. On average, the cost of bleaching — 8-15 thousand rubles, but not all are willing to pay that amount. Share folk remedies of teeth whitening that dentists approve:

Baking soda

You probably didn't know that sodium carbonate, or simply soda, is a popular component of whitening toothpastes. Why pay more when there is no difference? Do not be afraid that the soda ruin your teeth — it is absolutely safe when used correctly. Particles of soda is quite shallow, with low abrasiveness, so gently Polish the enamel, brushing off her plaque and dark stains from beverages like coffee. In pursuit of a gorgeous smile I advise you to use baking soda: wet the brush and dip it in the box with soda, then brush your teeth for 1-2 minutes in a circular motion. Alternatively, you can mix the baking soda with a few drops of lemon or essential oil and salt to make a mixture of different abrasiveness. Carry out the procedure dentists advise not more than twice a week, so as not to injure the enamel.

5 способов отбелить зубы, не выходя из дома

Baking soda is a folk remedy for bleaching, suboffice:


Think you notice how a vacation becomes stronger your nails and heal faster scratches is due to the sea water. Salt is an excellent antibacterial agent and stops minor bleeding. If you regularly rinse your mouth with a weak salt solution and once a week brush your teeth with salt, you will soon notice dramatic changes. Salt not only carefully Polish the teeth, decay the enamel a few shades, but also strengthen the gums — they will stop bleeding. For the procedure buy iodised salt with fine grains or mash it in a coffee grinder or blender, if you bought the wrong one. Can add salt to your usual tooth powder — will not be worse.

5 способов отбелить зубы, не выходя из дома

Salt strengthens the gums and whitens amalfita:

Activated carbon

Coal, like soda and salt, also has an antibacterial effect and polishes the enamel. Buy at the pharmacy a record of activated charcoal, crush a few pills to a fine powder and brush the powder teeth. Can pour powder on a cotton pad and charcoal with hydrogen peroxide — this disk to wipe the enamel. Hydrogen peroxide — drugstore whitening solution and, moreover, the main component of the composition of the expensive whitening strips.

5 способов отбелить зубы, не выходя из дома

Brush teeth activated charcoal can be adults and desamparo:

Natural acid

With fruit acids beauticians carry out treatments to exfoliate dead skin cells, but who said that the same acidic environment will not work on teeth? Unlike chemical compositions, natural acid safe for your health — they are contained in the usual foods that we eat every day. For example, malic acid is found not only in apples, as you've had time to reflect, as well as in grapes, apricot, raspberry, orange, lemon etc. Lemon juice all citrus fruits and coniferous plants, berries — red currants, blueberries, cranberries. Lactic acid — dairy products that have passed the stage of fermentation: yogurt, kefir, tan, yogurt, etc. Acids promote cell renewal, so as to destroy the connection between them, — the body begins to actively build up the destroyed tissue by accelerated cell division. Also have an antibacterial effect, in acidic environment, the microbes are killed. Most often used for whitening strawberries and lemon — they are soft, so they can wipe the enamel. Don't overdo acidic foods, consume them in moderation, otherwise you risk to get problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

5 способов отбелить зубы, не выходя из дома

Natural acids will help regenerate ClearPhoto:

Base and essential oils

In Britain, for example, dentists advise clients to rinse mouth with water mixed with 1-2 tablespoons of coconut oil. A favourable effect on the whiteness of the enamel due to the fact that the oil getting on the teeth, coats the enamel, covering it with a water-repellent layer. While drinking coffee, tea, wine, bright fruits and berries coloring pigment products do not remain on the enamel, and together with the oil leaches into the cavity of the stomach. So you not only get rid of the problems, but also bring benefits to the body — the oil is rich in vitamins and can speed up digestion. Suggest to add to the recipe essential oils of citrus or pine in the amount of 5-8 drops. They themselves accelerate the whitening as they contain the above mentioned natural acids.

5 способов отбелить зубы, не выходя из дома

Essential oils complement a British recipe Hollywood webcite:

If you want the teeth to be always white, then limit the consumption of staining food, especially Burgundy and black, and refrain from Smoking tar stains your teeth and contributes to the rapid formation of Tartar. Eat more dairy productsto maintain the optimum level of calcium in the body, which helps to restore enamel and strengthen gums.

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