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Permanent makeup: 3 nuance that you should know before the procedure

Valeriya Barchenko, head of the medical center, trendsetter and aesthetics Permanent Make-up in Russia and Europe, tells how to avoid mistakes in the process of transformation

1. When doing permanent makeup: before or after blepharoplasty?

This is one of the main issues of concern to women 35+ who want to make the arrows over the eyes. They are thinking about blepharoplasty and worry about how they will look permanent makeup will result from the operation of the arrow over the crooked eyes and unsightly. In fact, to worry because this is not worth it.

First, the arrow after blepharoplasty can be corrected or removed with a laser or very disappointed. Of course, ideally, a woman over 35 may be advisable to first make eyelid and then apply to a specialist in permanent makeup to make your eyes more bright and beautiful. But often we have to face the fact that the woman already has arrows that were made 10 or 15 years ago, and now she's ripe for blepharoplasty and faces a dilemma — to remove or not to remove the arrow before operation. The removal of the arrows depends on the pigment: the complexity possible in that case, if under the skin were introduced unknown substance — it may take longer time. In the case of carbon pigment (carbon black) removal and adjustment of the arrows does not represent any difficulties. So to survive due to the presence of the shooter, if you want to do a blepharoplasty, is not necessary — all correctable.

Second, much depends on the specialist, in particular, from a plastic surgeon. If you choose the right doctor, after blepharoplasty you do not need the correction of the arrows. Therefore, wisely choose a specialist surgeon who eyelid surgery is the hallmark and operations are on the thread.

Перманентный макияж: 3 нюанса, которые стоит знать перед процедурой

"Clients 40-45+, who want due to the tattoo to lift the eyelids, I suggest to do first a blepharoplasty"Photo:

When I receive client's 40-45+, who want due to the tattoo to lift the eyelids, I immediately advise them to do first blepharoplasty: because the tattoo will not help them to solve age problems with a sagging eyelid. It is better to do correctly, because each procedure solves the problem. Perhaps after surgery they will not need the arrows over the eyes — here all individually. The expressiveness of the eyes can be emphasized in other ways: highlighting the eyebrow or stressing the lips. Always trust the specialist you came to the reception, but more on that later.

2. How to avoid mistakes in permanent make-up?

One of the most common mistakes made women is the desire to be bright, which is at odds with the natural color type. To me often come to blondes or girls with light brown hair who believe that black eyebrows and black arrows on the eyes will give them the appearance of beauty and brightness. I always explain to them that their beauty and brightness, they already have. Brightness blondes or brown hair girls in their Lordships. Do not try to cheat nature.

Permanent makeup is different from the everyday — it needs to be as natural, harmonious and neat. Otherwise, you will always look like you just woke up and forgot to remove makeup. The task of permanent makeup — subtle and elegant make you more beautiful. And, by the way, it is not necessary to do permanent makeup for the eyelids make your eyes more expressive: sometimes it is enough to emphasize the lips and eyebrows, and your eyes will immediately be transformed and will play. And it will look much more natural. Think about it and be sure to consult with your master.

Перманентный макияж: 3 нюанса, которые стоит знать перед процедурой

One of the mistakes - bright, permanent machiatto:

Black arrow can last from 10-15 years and more. Of course, it will slightly fade over time and, as an option, slightly out of shape. In my practice there were cases when after 10 years came to me clients who are tired of the black arrow, and they asked her to remove. If we talk about arrows of other colors (grey, brown, etc.), then such options are held from 1-2 years, the feather you will be happy for about a year.

3. How to choose a masters in permanent make-up?

Today this is no problem. If you want to find the masters of permanent make-up, the Internet to help you. Moreover, many experts are pages in social networks, for example, in Instagram, where you put up photos of their work with the options "before" and "after". But, unfortunately, choosing the wizard in the Internet, no one is immune from deception and "fakes" in the form of other people's work, bad photoshop of options of transformation and others. So the best way is, as before, the recommendation of friends who did the makeup the masters and happy with the procedure and effect. But even in this case, it is mandatory to watch the reviews online, if possible, to communicate with other customers of this master in person.

The next step is to go to counseling. A specialist can be seen immediately! It should not to begin to tell you how awesome it is, and needs to pay attention to you. Ask him to create a sketch, ask all the questions you have. The person should be confident, and if it's a true professional, he you all will propose, explain and tell without waiting for your questions. The appearance of the professional working in the beauty industry, must be appropriate.

Перманентный макияж: 3 нюанса, которые стоит знать перед процедурой

The task of permanent makeup - quietly and gracefully do you krasaveetsa:

And, perhaps most important, the master must evoke trust and confidence. If you do not like the sketch that drew you to a specialist, do not despair. Tell us your vision of the problem, explain how you want to look your eyes. A professional specialist will listen to your comments, and at the same time will explain why you can or cannot do as you want. Trust is built on understanding and, once again, the decision about permanent make-up is made together with professionals and clients only after discussing the sketch and all the nuances of.

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