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They are also doing it: top 5 treatments for skin for men

Dermatologist Anton Averbukh reveals the beauty secrets of the stronger sex

What are the procedures chosen by men? First, for them it is very important that the procedure effect was seen immediately, they are not willing to wait a week, a month, two, three or six. They need the here and now. The second and very important point — the procedure should not be noticeable to others. There are countries where men are almost without exception go to the beautician, is South Korea, Turkey, Italy and this is considered not just normal, but necessary just the same as to wear a decent suit. In Russia there is an opinion that a man should be naturally brutal, unkempt. Therefore, if a man goes to the beautician, he does not advertise. Also, the procedure should be carried out in a short time, since most of the men always in a hurry. It needs to be disposable, it is unlikely the patient will go on a long course. So effective, discreet and with a low multiplicity.

On the first place I would put injections of botulinum toxin. Men, of course, afraid of the word Botox, but the price effect of this procedure is the most optimal. The only thing that men require more toxin than women — sometimes significantly. For comparison, to slay the glabellar area and the forehead of the man, you need about 100 units of Botox, and the woman, this quantity is enough for whole face and even left. Usually, the doctor tries to make a smaller dose to not overdo it, to avoid the bad effect, and as a result, the patient is not affected, it is necessary to repeat the procedure. In other words, a man more difficult to find the right dose the first time. But in any case, the effect of the procedure is very good and immediately noticeable, wrinkles are much less.

Они тоже делают это: топ-5 процедур по уходу за кожей для мужчин

Man needs to save face to highlight the cheekbones, the corners of the lower celestite:

On the second place on efficiency is contouring. But here the doctor should clearly understand what he is doing, because most of the procedures sharpened by the female gender, but men need to save face to highlight the cheekbones, the angles of the mandible. If you carry out the procedure using a cannula or needle, the trauma is minimal. It can be carried out once a year.

On third place I would put laser resurfacing. The procedure does not apply to those that can be done in an hour safe to go to work or home. Plus, it so happens that once is not enough, and the procedure must be repeated. Rehabilitation requires a minimum of 3-4 days. But all this does not prevent laser rejuvenation to be in demand among patients. The fact is that many men suffer from acne, there are traces of acne, and fractional rejuvenation effectively removes them, they become significantly less. The procedure is not very pleasant, sometimes painful, but many men are willing to tolerate, because it really helps.

The fourth procedure — lifting. In men, it is not used very often as in women, but is still the place to be. With age, the shape of the face changes, like "lift", and the thread here will help. Modern lifting does not require long rehabilitation. Only have two weeks to limit physical activity (exercise). The procedure gives good results and is enough to make it once to see the effect 1-1. 5 years, if we are talking about absorbable sutures, and from 2 to 5 years, if you have used non-absorbable thread.

Они тоже делают это: топ-5 процедур по уходу за кожей для мужчин

The smaller the period of rehabilitation, lucchetto:

On fifth place we can supply a variety of beauty treatments and anti-aging cosmetics (better if it will pick cosmetologist). It is important that the composition of the funds for skin care included hyaluronic acid (protects, moisturizes the skin, prevents inflammation), elastin and collagen (visually pull the face), sodium hyaluronate (normalizes water balance, loss of firmness, deeply moisturizes). Besides, male skin is for the benefit of the use of essential oils, plant extracts and vitamin complexes.

To ugotovil salon procedures for men include akademiens (fights early skin aging, removes age and peeling, pigmentation and black spots), cryolift (affects all layers of the epidermis, thereby saturating the cells with vitamins and enhancing skin's natural color), ultrasonic lifting (improves microcirculation, stimulates metabolism, reduces wrinkles, eliminates orogovevshi and nasolabial folds).

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