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Night masks and creams, which are applied before bedtime versed than the day cream differs from the night, all suited such tools and how to choose "your"

We have already memorized, like the multiplication table, that evening, be sure to use a night cream and in the morning, wash it, comes the turn of the day. But sometimes and then the question arises: if on the contrary? Or even to do without a night means? Why is it necessary?

Explain the points

What a day to be from the night? Of course, its composition. If you carefully read the label of any "double cream" — day and night — one and the brand and, better, the same range, the difference will be more noticeable. In the night means there will be more ingredients that nourish, restore and moisturize the skin. The day will be added, for example, antioxidants or SPF factor.

Don't forget about the correct application of the cream or other night means. This should be done at least an hour and a half before bedtime.

All fit night means? Yes, of course. If you choose the right cream, it will be a hundred percent to work. It was the night our skin recovers, so you need to help her.

Regenerating night cream Night Cream Moisturisation 14

На ночь глядя: маски и кремы, которые наносятся перед сном

Photo: materials of press-services

This cream, justifying its name, solves 14 problems. To list them all, even the fingers on two hands is not enough, but we still try. So, Moisturisation 14 Night Cream intensely moisturizes, prevents wrinkles, combats deep wrinkles, tightens sagging and weak skin, condenses it, makes it more elastic, soothes tight, actively restores, maintains the natural protective function, evens the complexion, smoothes irregularities intensely nourishes, detoxifies, promotes renewal of skin cells. In the end your skin during the night is completely restored and looks much younger. Moreover, this cream is suitable for all skin types.

Night revitalizing mask biotic Probiotic Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask from Dr. brandt

На ночь глядя: маски и кремы, которые наносятся перед сном

Photo: materials of press-services

About what probiotics are useful to our body, has, it seems, been known to all — thanks to the yogurt commercial that we hear daily from the TV screens. However, few people realize that probiotics can be used not only inside. A recent study showed that Streptococcus thermophilus (found in yogurt) and Lactobacillus known as good bacteria, help to maintain skin barrier function and protect against harmful bacteria.

The biotic complex contained in the composition restorative Night mask Probiotic Hydro Biotic Recovery Sleeping Mask, designed in perfect harmony with the natural eco-system of the skin, resulting in the balance of the natural flora on the skin's surface and strengthening skin barrier. Apart from natural Pribytkov yogurt and enzymes of lactic acid bacteria in the composition of the mask is also soothing peptides, ceramides and fatty acids. Working in synergy, these ingredients help restore beneficial microflora of the skin.

"Recovery and regeneration is important for our skin no less than for the whole organism, says Dr. to avoid certain actions Hu (member of the Advisory Board Dr. brandt, Professor, Department of dermatology, University of Miami). — Because our skin is exposed to harmful UV rays, polluted environment, thermal damage and physical stress factors. A nutritious blend of miotikov and antioxidants, part Night restorative mask with biotic complex that delivers what I called "active recovery" for the skin, so we Wake up the next morning with skin radiating a healthy glow".

Use the mask should be used in rosacea, rosacea, sensitivity; to restore damaged and irritated skin; with obvious signs of dehydration, and after an aggressive cosmetic procedures. In principle, it is sufficient to apply it two or three times a week. However, you can use it instead of a night cream, applying every night before bed.

Night lip mask with mango Honey Mango Lip Mask from FRUDIA

На ночь глядя: маски и кремы, которые наносятся перед сном

Photo: materials of press-services

This mask is a must-have for the weather that is outside. Apply the tool at night and at least a few days of chapped and cracked lips can be forgotten. Any lipstick or tint is applied evenly and lasts much longer.

Surprisingly, the texture of the mask, on the one hand, tight, on the other — not sticky at all. If you consider that to put it in the night, the last point is very important. Quite often these tools work "as a cleaner" — they stick a hair, the pillow and, as a result, bad mood.

Another easy unobtrusive and very natural mango aroma. No chemical taste, seems that you have caused just chopped and chopped, puree mango.

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