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Pregnancy and skin: is there a connection

When you are expecting a baby, you want to look beautiful during this period. However, the skin begins to rebel. explain what the problem is and how to fight it

In a woman's body there is no body which would not have influenced the pregnancy. Naturally, the skin is one of the strongest influences, as it is directly linked to all body systems.

Беременность и проблемная кожа: есть ли связь

Pregnancy is not a reason to run, sabatto:

What is the reason?

The main factor of state changes of the skin are familiar to us hormones. Due to the huge load and shakings of the body, golomyanny the background of women has undergone considerable change. If previously estrogen provide beauty and radiance, but now it is replaced by another hormone — progesterone, which is responsible for negative changes that affect the skin. The main purpose of the body — protection of the fetus, so many systems can work to the detriment of beauty.

What is the impact of estrogen on the skin:

- regulates the sebaceous glands;

- refreshes the skin;

- protects from action of free radicals.

- regulates the immune system.

When it comes to pregnancy, the estrogen level decreases, which is reflected, primarily, on the skin. Because of this hormonal instability arise various problems, for example:



Stretch marks.

Pronounced pigmentation.


Беременность и проблемная кожа: есть ли связь

The skin is very sensitive to any changes in organizovat:

How to maintain the skin in this difficult period and not to make it worse

One of the main rules for the selection of cosmetics during pregnancy — it is hypoallergenic. You don't need the extra irritation and so weakened the surface? In addition, don't buy food with a strong smell: during gestation, the body reacts to the slightest odor, a strong irritant may cause vomiting.

Беременность и проблемная кожа: есть ли связь

Care for the skin, after the delivery not to go to dermatologue:

All you need to do, since we're talking about caring cosmetics, is moisturizing and toning. Take care of sensitive skin, after the delivery not to undergo treatment at the dermatologist.

Avoid cosmetic products containing hormones, your hormonal balance is unstable and so, it is not necessary to complicate the task, all systems of the body.

What to do if you still encountered problems with the skin


To avoid the appearance of unsightly dark spots, use products with high SPF. Fall and spring will be sufficient SPF of 15, and in the winter and in the summer is go to SPF 30-50. If the pigmentation had to overtake you, try to make a clay mask with lemon juice, but not too keen on — will be enough 1-2 times a week.

Stretch marks

To deal with them is more difficult. Completely get rid of them is impossible, so we can only prevent them by using different oils. Before using the oil be sure to consult your gynecologist.


This problem is probably the hardest, because its the reason lies in hormones. Try to keep the skin damp and do not tumble dry, postpartum, again, consulting with your physician, visit the dermatologist or cosmetologist that he prescribed you therapy.

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