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Slow down time: the best anti-aging products I assembled my beauty-top, which will help to fight with aging skin

Aging skin is affected by two types of factors: genetic and environmental. How to resist the first, the doctors still only scratching their heads, but the justice on the aggression on the part of the environment is gradually. Will tell you about the best anti wrinkle cream.

Anti-aging cream Lanopearl Applestem Q10 with stem cells apples

Замедляем время: лучшие антивозрастные средства

Photo: materials of press-services

All who are interested in the new beauty industry know that stem cells are a technological breakthrough in cosmetics. They start the process of cell renewal, as a result, old, damaged cells are replaced by new and healthy. Thus prolonged youthfulness of skin cells, lingers the aging process. The skin becomes toned and elastic.

Lotion from the Physio Radiance QNET

Замедляем время: лучшие антивозрастные средства

Photo: materials of press-services

Many beauty tools sometimes provide only short-term improvement. But French scientists of the laboratory Laboratoires Robert Schwartz could be done. After a long research in order QNET they have created a line of Physio Radiance. Funds from this series just doesn't mask already having problems, and develop the capacity of the skin to update.

An important place in the series is a mineral tonic lotion Remineralising Toner Lotion. The main ingredient of this wonder drug — a negative hydrogen ion (H-), which is known as the smallest antioxidant in the world. Being much smaller than, for example, a nanotube, it is easily absorbed, penetrates deep into the skin and effectively slow down the aging process. And negative ion of hydrogen acts as an energy activator in the skin cells. The result: helps to restore the mineral balance of the skin, gives the face freshness and radiance.

Bio-active concentrate with alpha-lipoic acid Age-Defence Lipoica Cidessence from EGIA Biocare System (Italy)

Замедляем время: лучшие антивозрастные средства

Photo: materials of press-services

Alpha lipoic acid is called the future of cosmetology. In fact, it is produced in cells by natural means, maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the epidermis and also protects DNA and mitochondria of cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, preventing premature aging. However, since 25 years, its synthesis slows significantly, so it is important to constantly replenish it in the body through eating certain foods and the use of appropriate cosmetics. Not surprisingly, funds with alpha lipoic acid is called the elixir of youth and beauty of skin. As, for example, bio-active concentrate from the Italian brand EGIA. To fight age-related changes also help lavender oil (improves circulation, relieves irritation and inflammation, moisturizes), panthenol (soothing to the skin and stimulates the regeneration) and European olive oil, Edelweiss extract, Florentine iris extract, hydrolyzed soy protein, glycerin, jojoba oil.

Concentrated anti-wrinkle serum for improved skin firmness, tone and elasticity of the skin B5 HYALU SERUM from La RochePosay

Замедляем время: лучшие антивозрастные средства

Photo: materials of press-services

If the healing properties of alpha-gilevoy acid many still just starting to discover something about how important our skin is hyaluronic acid, you know, everything. How about the fact that with age the body's ability to synthesize this acid in the required quantity and molecular weight decreases. The results of reduced levels of hyaluronic acid, says, is obvious: there are wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, complexion looks tired. The goal of modern cosmetics is to make up for the lack of hyaluronic acid to slow the aging process.

In the serum, which came from the depths of dermatological Laboratories of La Roche-Posay, — just two kinds of pure hyaluronic acid (low molecular weight and high molecular weight) in an effective concentration, and madecassoside and vitamin B5. The complex of hyaluronic acid provides intense skin hydration, improving tone and elasticity, restores its lipid balance. Madecassoside stimulates collagen synthesis, restores the intercellular matrix of the skin, increases density and elasticity, reduces wrinkles. Vitamin B5 — soothes and accelerates the recovery of skin barrier. And, of course, in the composition of serum, as in La RochePosay, contains thermal water La Roche-Posay, rich in selenium, this unique natural antioxidant.

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