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The pros and cons of eyelash extensions

Not everyone can boast a deep look, but will not leave you alone with this problem and give advice on how not to be mistaken with the master

Gorgeous long eyelashes is the dream of many. But ladies who have to put up with "spider legs", there are more than owners of the lashes like a fan. No matter how we tried to lengthen and curl them using expensive mascaras, the effect will hardly be noticeable. For such "heavy" cases, beauty salons offer the procedure eyelash. Women around the world are able to evaluate all positive and negative qualities, we will talk about all the pros and cons to help you make the decision to resort to extension service or not.

Все за и против наращивания ресниц

You can choose colorless glue or with the effect of podvodite:

What is the procedure

Currently beauticians offer two kinds of capacity: poresnichnoe and beam. The first method originates in the dressing rooms of the Hollywood studios, although called a European. Poresnichnoe comes from Japan. No matter you chose the first or the second option, the process of connecting with your century will happen the same way: with a special adhesive. Moreover, the adhesive is both transparent and black, it all depends on whether you need the effect of eyeliner. Graft a lash is quite easy to overdo it and get too long, unnatural eyelashes. Be careful, always ensure that the master, if you don't want to look too dramatic with huge, disproportionate eyelashes reaching to the eyebrows.

Beam extensions are the most simple and is much cheaper parisnicole. Depending on the condition of your natural lashes, the wizard will select the required number of beams. The procedure takes from half an hour to an hour. The advantages of this method include the fact that you don't have to use mascara every day. Of the minuses — if one beam will fall off, it will be very ugly baldness.

If you have a big budget, try Japanese technology. Yes, it will take more time, but the effect is stunning — no one would guess that the eyelashes are not yours.

Все за и против наращивания ресниц

Don't go overboard with building too long eyelashes look, falseValue:

How long the effect lasts

It all depends on your preferences: a master can make your look elegant for a day or for several months.

Capacity for one day is convenient because you will not need to make any effort to maintain artificial eyelashes in good condition. All you have to do is not to RUB the eyes until the evening, after the event, simply wash them with your usual cleanser.

Regarding the long-term build-up, here you have to try to nail lost its original appearance.

No matter which method you choose, note the following points:

First and foremost, carefully and responsibly approach to the choice of the master, because 90% of success depends on his skills.

Make sure that the master used only sterile tools.

Follow any recommendations that gives you the master, if we neglect his advice, the eyelashes will quickly lose the beauty and decent look.

Every 2 weeks attend wizard to make correction.

Все за и против наращивания ресниц

To remove false eyelashes, contact salotto:

When you get tired of the use of artificial materials, please contact the salon to ensure that you have removed the remaining lashes. Self-removal may damage your natural eyelashes.

The main advantages of building

You get long and beautiful eyelashes.

You can forget about mascara for a while.

You will not worry that the ink will wash off after swimming or rainy weather.

Disadvantages of building

Impossible to touch the eye, or the lashes will fall. Those who wear lenses, lashes will bring a lot of trouble.

Possible small loss of your own eyelashes in the process of removing artificial.

From now on, you will have to sleep on the back: artificial eyelashes do not like contact with a pillow and a blanket.

If you are not afraid of some difficulties, feel free to sign up to the beautician and be beautiful!

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