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To each his own: can men and women to use cosmetics each other - health & Beauty -

And really care for him and her are very different? Understand the issues along with

Elena Ржевуская15 February 2019 11:2042860

Каждому свое: могут ли мужчины и женщины пользоваться косметикой друг друга - Красота и здоровье -

Than women's cosmetics are different from men's?Photo:

Many men today look after themselves no less carefully than women, versed in creams and serums and even get a pedicure. And here, for example, you've suddenly ended a moisturizer, and a bathroom on the shelf of your companion flaunts a whole battery of different bottles. Is it possible fearlessly to RAID someone else's territory?

Media have accustomed us to believe that caring for yourself is the prerogative of the weaker sex. But everything begins to slowly change, and now the choice of men's cosmetics in the stores are not so small. If before it was limited, except that an after-shave lotion, it is now possible to find creams, night and anti-aging products as well as products for acne and much more. Because the skin of men also needs care. However, to take something from their friends, they are afraid: suddenly will not work? In fact, cosmetologists have long since debunked these myths: male and female cosmetics are virtually identical. Although some nuances do exist. That's about it today and we'll talk more.

Firstly, let's note that at the present time to the appearance of both sexes have the same requirements. All society requires to look neat, stylish and young to look after themselves and to please the eye. That's just the girls to do more features. Their services beauty shops, beauty salons and clinics of aesthetic medicine. A strong sex such diversity there. Therefore, they often have to borrow food from wives and girlfriends, making like a small crime against his nature. This is confirmed by the study. So, a recent poll in Britain showed that more than half of men secretly making inroads on the dressing table and their ladies are very shy about it. And women is "theft" costs at least three hundred euros a year.

Каждому свое: могут ли мужчины и женщины пользоваться косметикой друг друга - Красота и здоровье -

Male and female cosmetics are virtually identical. Although some nuances still, imeadate:

Feel skin

The main difference between the male medium — the words "for men". Of course, it is good that our elected officials have designed especially for them cosmetics. But for the most part it's still an emotional impact that allows them to feel freer. However, a small difference is still there. In cosmetics for the stronger sex is more lightly texture-based gel, in female usually contains greater quantity of fatty components, which enable longer retain moisture. Thus, it appears that all that is in the skin. Male is divided into the same species, and that women, in most cases, meets the combined type. However, the increased sebum secretion makes the face to Shine, appear black spots, pimples and enlarged pores. Men have more active blood circulation, so they are more likely to suffer from rosacea. In addition, the skin of our satellites thirty percent more collagen. This means that it is thicker, creams that is harder to enter her. So they should be used in conjunction with serums. However, the male products of this sort is quite small, so you can try and women's, will not harm them. Constant shaving makes the skin sensitive. Well, the most interesting: male visual age later, but very sharply, and their appearance is difficult for rehabilitation.

Difficult choice

In most cases, we can use the same creams as the problems are all the same: aging, dark spots, sensitivity, acne, brittle vessels, and the like. The focus should be all on the same type of skin. If a girl she's fat or problem, then it means for sure will be satisfied with a man. Therefore, choosing a cream, you need to adhere to the following logic: identify the problem that needs to be solved, and look for remedy first in specialized product lines. If not, you can safely move to women's. Well ladies we with a clear conscience allow the use of men's healing aftershave. They operate extremely effectively. Just make sure there's no alcohol to irritation.

Каждому свое: могут ли мужчины и женщины пользоваться косметикой друг друга - Красота и здоровье -

Modern men take care of themselves no less, defusekit:

My to holes

Despite the fact that our defenders do not use decorative cosmetics and skin also needs cleaning. The day accumulated dust rinse special tool, which in addition also removes fat. Well, let's say a seditious thing: men with greasy well it would have to use a toner with aloe Vera or chamomile after washing, and then, Yes, you can apply the serum and cream. After washing the face is still "naked", and the additional funds will restore the protective layer.

Is it possible the man to wash my face with soap? Of course not! Over-dried their skin defensively starts to produce more fat. This in turn leads to clogged pores and acne. That is why the need for a cleanser. And better women than soap, shower gel or nothing at all. But the peels for the face of the stronger sex, it is better not to use: shave and exfoliate so dead particles.

How is it with hair? If we are talking about shampoos — the answer is simple: change is not necessary. Mens specialized tools tougher and is aimed at deep cleansing and anti-dandruff. According to marketers, this is what most concerns the stronger sex. Often release one-tool "for body and hair", which, they say, even to wash. If your companion is like convince him to buy certain products. But men use women's shampoos is permitted as long as they are satisfied with the fragrance. Styling products can also be attributed to the General, if not for their fragrances: after all, ladies too recognizable odors.

Everything will be smooth

What kind of gifts often receive our gentlemen? Of course, razors and foam for shaving. It has become a topic for jokes. And if you go back to reality, then at least once in life every girl used the machines boyfriend. And, as a rule, was satisfied with the effect. The hairs on the skin of your companion more thick and hard, so they need a better razor. Here only to share one gadget for two unhygienic. But at the same time acquire typically male product pencil to stop the bleeding. In the female lines you will not find this, and a good thing.

In addition to the machines nice and men's deodorants. Sweating men are stronger, so the products need to be more efficient. The only problem may be the strong and pungent smell, but in these lines you can find the tool more or less like. Although perfume in this case, you may need a little more to hide the scent.

Каждому свое: могут ли мужчины и женщины пользоваться косметикой друг друга - Красота и здоровье -

Men's shampoos are harsher and are aimed at deep cleansing and struggle with photofoto:

Hide all unnecessary

Already slowly, there is even make-up for men, although the stereotypes that self-respecting gentleman can not imitate women, is still strong. Went all the way from Asia, where the metrosexual can be called every second adult man. That's where BB and CC creams very quickly flowed from women's cosmetics in the grasping male hands and then on face. The fact that these funds, unlike typical tonalnikov, offer the most delicate application. For these properties they are particularly loved by girls, opting for the nude makeup style, and the same thing like men. It is true: the coating on the face of the stern businessman in a business suit should not be noticeable. Behind him men were selected and are the best concealers because pimples and dark circles under the eyes significantly worsen the appearance. But if the guy endured a sleepless night, like the tricks he is vitally needed. Still let's not forget men's accessories. The lovers of a more discreet makeup should definitely get them, because their main feature is the thin matte finish. It will look like on your lips nothing is done, they will be moisturized and protected from extreme weather events.

And without rules

Of course, there are tools that is called "unisex". Almost all pharmacy and professional line belong to this category. On their bottles, you will not see gender differences — the only problems they help fight. And this becomes the output, if some special cosmetics can not find what you need. For example, I want the cream from breakage of blood vessels — and its not. But the range of drugstore brands is easy to find the right product. So why suffer when you can make your life easier? Does most men. As for the hand creams and lotions, here is no different. The only difference is, again, more dramatic fragrance for the stronger sex, and the sweet or floral for ladies. But you can always find a product with no odor.

To summarize, well-groomed appearance — the key to success both at work and in personal life. And if not one hundred percent, then thirty percent exactly depends on it, because it gives us confidence. Well, choosing the right makeup is able to provide what you want.


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