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Lunar calendar beauty: February 25 — March 3 - health and Beauty - advises which treatments to spend this week

Ksenia Парфенова25 Feb 2019 13:1777340

Лунный календарь красоты: 25 февраля — 3 марта - Красота и здоровье -

follow the procedure recommended, respectively, datavote:

If you adhere to the recommendations of the astrologers of auspiciousness of days for the procedure, listen to our advice. They have taken into account the lunar cycle, it is also necessary to take into account the menstrual cycle. During menstruation it is not necessary to do injections and cleansing the face, as the blood during this period diluted the puncture marks will bleed, and small wounds slow to heal.

25 Feb

Twenty-first day of the moon. The waning moon has a positive effect on the processes inside the body slows down blood circulation and metabolism, relax the muscles. On this day you can make the hair removal is painless, the irritation will quickly go. You can also do a full body massage or separately neck area muscles are relaxed and easy to "give in" to the hands of a professional.

Лунный календарь красоты: 25 февраля — 3 марта - Красота и здоровье -

massage, spinetto:

26 Feb

Twenty-second lunar day. A great day to do the beauty of the hands — a manicure: your nails will long to look neat, as with the waning moon slows down their growth. On this day you should hold the treatment for the body — clay and oil wraps, programirovanii the skin, especially in the area of the buttocks and abdomen. Don't forget to apply a moisturizer to nourish irritated skin. You can begin to take vitamins — in the spring he will support the immunity and will contribute to strengthening hair and nails.

27 Feb

The twenty-third lunar day. Today care for the hair, trim the tips of 5-10 centimeters, apply an oil mask — fit olive, coconut oil, Shea butter, Shea butter. In the mask, add a few ampoules of vitamin A and E — they actively restore cells, accelerate the metabolism and promote hair growth. It's a safe day for a haircut hot scissors — the master can remove the cut ends without damaging the length.

Лунный календарь красоты: 25 февраля — 3 марта - Красота и здоровье -

a great day for strikefore:

28 Feb

The twenty-fourth day of the moon. Suggest to finish the month of treatment. Go to the beautician for facial cleansing, make a clay or alginate mask to calm the skin. On this day, you can decide on a more "serious" treatments — injections for lip augmentation, filling wrinkles or biorevitalization. This day of treatments will be less painful swelling with proper care will quickly fall down.

1 Mar

Twenty-fifth lunar day. On this day, you can make an appointment with the dentist to clean the teeth, whitening or routine inspection. If you need tooth removal or the treatment of caries, the beginning of March is a favourable period. The dentist will suggest a treatment plan and schedule the procedure for a few days in advance.

2 Mar

The twenty-sixth day of the moon. Today is meditate — go for a group session in yoga or stretching, or practicing it at home. Take the Mat for sport or soft blanket and lay it on the floor. Dim light can be left on a table lamp and direct its light at the ceiling. Turn on relaxing music without words with a slow tempo, light scented candles with the smell of lavender or Jasmine.

Лунный календарь красоты: 25 февраля — 3 марта - Красота и здоровье -

yoga in the day will allow rasslabitsya:

3 Mar

Twenty-seventh lunar day. Almost the end of the lunar cycle — the body is configured to be active, so the energy is charged to the maximum. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to go on strength training, and afterwards in the sauna or Hammam, that's more like it. Spend in the steam room for 10-15 minutes, until the skin turns pink it means that the blood goes to the skin. Then apply a scrub or make dry skin massage with a stiff brush.


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