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Refrigerator — head: what makeup should be stored in it - health and Beauty -

Some funds quickly deteriorate if they are in the bathroom. Will tell you that it is better to hide in a dark and cool place

Ksenia Парфенова20 Feb 2019 15:37157790

Холодильник — всему голова: какую косметику нужно хранить в нем - Красота и здоровье -

some products quickly, portdata:

Most of the girls keeps cosmetics on the dressing table or in the bathroom, not even thinking, whether they observe manufacturer's recommended conditions. The average room temperature — 26-28 degrees in the bathroom can be 30-32 degrees. Do you know what temperature the manufacturer recommends? Only 10-15 degrees, which is two times lower. Preservatives in the makeup protect it from overheating, but some funds will still lose efficiency. Explain that it is better to put in the fridge:


The main action that has a cream for the eye area, reduce swelling, and alignment of skin color. Low temperature is beneficial in removing swelling — no wonder the injuries made to ice. In addition, contained in the cream vitamins under the influence of high temperatures rapidly oxidize and lose their useful properties. Vitamin C, for example, does not tolerate heat, and he, for a moment, the main component of most creams. Therefore, I advise you to put eye cream in the fridge after each use — so it will always be cool and will last longer.

Body butter

Base oil, like coconut, Shea, Shea butter, which usually use girls for moisturizing, easier to apply in a cream form. At high temperature, their physical state liquid, whereas at low temperatures of semi-solid. Cool oil is a refreshing experience after a shower and spreads easily, melting from the heat of the hands. Besides it does not leak, contaminating the packing and the surface which it occupies. Collect the butter with a spatula to prolong the service life.

Холодильник — всему голова: какую косметику нужно хранить в нем - Красота и здоровье -

oil under the influence of cold become a creamy - like nanotite:

Face masks

Manufacturers recommend to store masks in the refrigerator to have a refreshing effect and removed swelling of the face. In them same as in the cream, there are vitamins that are oxidized under the influence of temperature. It is better to apply cold mask to a steamed face to enhance the effect of the nutrients from the mask gets into the pores opened, and then cool fabric will narrow them. Also in the fridge a few days to keep open mask now manufacturers do not regret the serum, so a mask will be enough for 2-3 applications.

Natural cosmetics

It is becoming increasingly popular organic skin care for the face. Basically it consists of plant extracts, vitamins and oils and contains no chemical preservatives. Such cosmetics do not store in the bathroom as the lid under the influence of high temperature and humidity the dew is formed, and the product can be divided into layers of different density. Take a small container and place it in a portion of the funds that you will have enough for a couple of weeks of daily care. Remove the rest in the fridge. Moreover, recommendations for storage conditions not only apply to the creams and serums that are also natural masks, shampoos, balms, floral waters and other.

Холодильник — всему голова: какую косметику нужно хранить в нем - Красота и здоровье -

natural cosmetics out of the refrigerator deteriorates significantly, bistretto:

Pharmacy tools

For the treatment of diseases of the skin prescribed some girls "mash" as they are called in the people. Such tools have a limited shelf life is 7-15 days. In the bathroom the period of use is reduced to weeks, which is disadvantageous. Better not to risk it with the medication and store it according to manufacturer's recommendations.

Cosmetics Pro stock

If you saw in the store make a successful campaign on a gift to purchase or a discount on favorite products, do not hesitate to buy them. Any makeup, be it mascara, lipstick, eyeliner or shadow, can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-6 months, if the temperature is kept at around 5-15 degrees. The only exception is concealer. It can be divided into layers and change the texture and color under the influence of cold.


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