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Choose the perfect Foundation - Beauty and health

We all want to have perfect skin, but not every girl can boast of. will help you to approach the ideal by using the right tools

Maria Блавацкая26 February 2019 14:2447220

Подбираем идеальную тональную основу - Красота и здоровье -

a tinted moisturizer will help you feel overendeavor:

Foundation, what would not say, the most important component of makeup. From the smoothness and color of the skin depends, as will shadows, lipstick, blush, etc. it is Impossible to ignore such an important topic.

When you are planning an important event, you can visit the makeup artist, who a few hours will turn you into the Queen, but in ordinary life it is advisable to understand the tools and their compositions, because the view that the concealer is only needed on special occasions is wrong. We decided to help you understand what are toners and what suits you.

Before you run to the store, you should decide what you want to take. At the Foundation there are several criteria.

Подбираем идеальную тональную основу - Красота и здоровье -

even skin tone - the basis of macerate:


The texture depends on the degree of coating is dense, light and transparent. It all depends on the needs of your skin. If there are problems such as rashes and redness, choose a more dense texture, they are perfectly level terrain. For girls no visible flaws is fine light coating for aligning the complexion.

If your skin is oily, do not get too dense in texture, more suited to a dry coating powder with a matte effect. So you will avoid excessive load on the skin. When you are starting with a liquid tonal resources, choose a lighter, not to get the mask effect, after some training in drawing can go on medium to thick textures.


This is an important point, which affects the result. Even if you did everything correctly and the shading means no complaints, the wrong tone can "kill" the whole way. We are talking about micropigment, which gives the tonal tool of a particular shade. There are three potona: yellow, pink and neutral. With the wrong selection will highlight all the imperfections.

How to determine your undertone: in store stand in the place where light is most close to the street, and put a tinted moisturizer on the face area, passing through the neck. If the tool invisible on the skin, congratulations, you have found your tone.

Подбираем идеальную тональную основу - Красота и здоровье -

do not skimp on good remedy: do not create the skin extra, problemata:


This is how it will look when you've applied it on the skin. The finish can be glossy, matte, natural.

As you know, oily skin, for example, fit a matte finish. But beware: matte means almost always contain alcohol, which can exacerbate the problem of oily skin. So try to carefully choose the product, carefully read the composition.

Подбираем идеальную тональную основу - Красота и здоровье -

the main thing is to pick up your potopoto:

Dry skin

Have dry skin the opposite problem: it lacks natural moisture. Therefore, the toners are preferably the presence of glycerol in sufficient quantities. Again, discard the Foundation, even if it is suitable for all other parameters, if there is a high concentration of alcohol.

Normal and combination skin

Even girls with normal skin may want a tinted moisturizer. Usually they have no problems with redness, black spots and irritation. However, the signs of fatigue has not been canceled. In addition, if not properly maintained leather can begin to fade, and after a while can begin premature aging of the skin. So do not neglect going to the beautician, at least for advice on selecting the right's skin care.

As decorative, the girls who had no pronounced problems is fine, light texture.


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