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A mole above the lip: what do the marks on our body - health and Beauty -

Some promise success in love, others in his career. learned that means the location of the moles on our face, and invites you to learn more about yourself

Ksenia Парфенова21 Feb 2019 16:00848260

Родинка над губой: о чем говорят знаки на нашем теле - Красота и здоровье -

study of moles - an interesting Sanatate:

Sometimes it is difficult to perform themselves — it seems that all the results of psychological tests do not show what you are and how you see yourself. However, there are some nonverbal techniques that speak to us with great accuracy the Natal chart, clothing style, gestures and manners, as well as any marks on our body — tattoos, piercings and birthmarks. Birthmarks can be analyzed in exactly the same way as everything else. Tell what it means about their location.

When we began to analyze moles?

Remembering history, in the 18th century ladies paid attention to the location of moles. Before the ball or other release of the girls drew with charcoal or mascara mole on his upper lip, eyes and cheeks. The first two testified about passion and experience in love Affairs — they were usually worn by married women, a mole on his cheek spoke of tenderness and sensuality of a young lady. These signs are easy to read gentlemen and gave impetus to communication. Like different movements of a fan, every mark on his body mattered — they were treated carefully and were selected according to age and status.

Родинка над губой: о чем говорят знаки на нашем теле - Красота и здоровье -

early moles considered secret znakomite:

In our time...

Science "moleosophy" deals with the study of moles as indicators of the nature and destiny of man. No official confirmation of her fidelity or of the absurdity of the interpretation of signs is always positive, so no one may disappoint. Some affirm that the explanation of the location of the mole says is true about the nature of man, others deny the "pseudo science", in their opinion. Everyone decides to believe in his interpretation or not. Proposed explanations of the moles on different parts of the body:

Forehead: a mole in the center of the forehead speaks of the authority, solid rod, the rebellion of its owner, is also about luck in love and prosperity. A mole on the left side of the forehead suggests advanced logic and intuition — the left hemisphere of the brain is responsible for Analytics. A mole on the right speaks to the artistry, the desire to show leadership qualities, striving for fame and fortune.

Eyes: experts have concluded that a mole on any century attests to an early and successful marriage full of love. On the right eye — active position in life, luck in business, observation, and a developed intuition — you always anticipate events and easily analyze people. The left eye doubt yourself, constant self-examination and working with the inner self, dependence on the opinion of others, especially the opposite sex, emotional and often guided by feelings, but considerate of others.

Cheek: a mole on the cheek suggests a sensitivity of the owner, the developed aesthetic taste, the love of theatre and exhibitions, stylish clothes, creative dishes. A mole on the right cheek — a sign of a lucky star — all goes easily, rarely have problems and failures. On his left cheek, on the contrary, suggests that everything gets you through hard work.

Chin: woman with a birthmark in the lower part of the face — nature refined, incredibly gentle and kind, attentive to detail. Also they are generous and responsible — always keep my promises.


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