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Especially dangerous - health and Beauty -

How to use acids without harm to skin

Elena Ржевуская27 February 2019 11:5257290

Особо опасны - Красота и здоровье -

you do not damage the skin, if you use acids, StorageScope:

Strong, powerful, even dangerous... with acids to use scary, as if something did not work. But their effectiveness we hear constantly. Should come on reception to the beautician, as you will immediately be asked to update your cosmetic wardrobe and go to acidic products. So how to use them without damaging the leather? Let's get together with the "Atmosphere".

It used to be that to use cosmetics with acids is possible only in the winter. Say, in the summer they can cause pigmentation and in General seriously harm the skin. But these opinions were in the past. Therefore, even though the cold has passed, if you do not want to push their favorite bottles on a distant shelf, just need to figure out how to handle them now, when the sun begins to bake. Some may do better to leave until next winter, but certainly not all. It's time to draw up a programme of care that is not only useful and effective but also safe.

Особо опасны - Красота и здоровье -

It's time to make a program, whodata:

Training materials

Acid is just the name of the chemical compound. Properties they are completely different, and they can perform different functions. So, probably, even children already know that hyaluronic acid is an ideal moisturizer. One molecule is able to attract up to five hundred of water molecules. These same properties dairy. Its molecules are quite large, they do not penetrate deep to the sebaceous glands, and work with the upper layers of the skin, saturating them with moisture. Such means can be used year round.

But what about the owners of sensitive skin? After all, if you believe recent studies, twenty percent of the population of our planet it is this and half of the girls are faced with unexpected reactivity of the epidermis on a regular basis: the new bad approached the vehicle, some food or even unusual weather conditions. Of course, if you have similar problems you should not use strong acid often. But from time to time, when all is quiet, why not. Because sensitive skin can be dry, and then product would be ideal with the same hyaluronic acid. Only you need to choose products with smaller molecular structure, to penetrate into, and not remain on the surface. If the epidermis is sensitive, but poorly updated fit peels, which are able to accelerate this process and remove dead particles. In addition, the jet may be only certain areas of the face. Then acidic products should not be applied to these areas.

Особо опасны - Красота и здоровье -

if you have sensitive skin you should use acid necesito:

Also let's not forget that many products for problem skin there is almost always acid. And the reason on the surface. The main task of these chemical compounds to remove clogged pores. Thanks to them the secret of sebaceous glands does not accumulate inside and inflammation becomes less. In General, it is the first thing we should start, if you want to cope with acne. In this case, pay special attention to products with glycolic and salicylic acids.

Everything on the shelves

How to use products with acids? After all, if you do not know, it is easy to hurt the skin. The fact that these compounds are aggressive and active. They need to get used. Start to apply cosmetic products twice a week and within a month gradually proceed to daily use. Do not forget that this "test" period you should not fall under the action of the sun without protection, otherwise it can be spots. Still acid to injure the skin, and not worth the risk. Ideally cosmetics with high concentrations better to use strictly at night. But the cream with a small amount, you can apply at any time. Just don't forget about SPF protection: a minimum of thirty units in the cold season, and fifty in summer. If you have a tendency to pigmentation, better reinsurance and always use protection for the face with SPF 50.

Особо опасны - Красота и здоровье -

do not go outside without pre-applied, solntsezashchita:
Oddly enough, the acid can cause unwanted pigmentation and help get rid of stains. Have this property of azelaic, kojic and ascorbic acid. But do not expect a magic effect: lightening of the face may need at least two months. And well stepped-Xia correction only fresh pigmentation. To get rid of old, ordinary care is not enough — you need to contact the doctor-cosmetician and provide a complete program that includes peels, laser techniques and, of course, well-chosen home remedies.
It is a acid, which to use with caution is retinoic or retinol. Better to do it under the supervision of a dermatologist. Your doctor will explain that at the beginning of the application of this coupling dermatitis: epidermis start to peel off. And this is a sign that the product works. Also in the complex with retinol need a good hydration. The specialist will examine the skin and advise the right products or select the one universal means, in which the acid is combined with hydrating ingredients.

Serious measures

Separately, let's talk about peels. Do they all fit? Of course not. The cosmetologist can even refuse to execute it. So often they are allergic reactions. Therefore, people with sensitive skin they are not recommended, after all the acid content in them is much higher than domestic funds. The peel not only exfoliates. It creates the conditions to cosmetics better inside. Besides techniques, there are a myriad and cocktail of active ingredients doctor will choose specially for you. Will schedule training: in fact in some cases it is necessary for some time to accustom the skin to acids, others to cancel them completely.

The depth of the effects this procedure is divided into several types. The first is surface peeling. It affects only the top layer of the epidermis, it can be done not only in the clinic but at home, if your skin tolerates the acid. These peels are the most painless, the recovery is gradual, but not for long — within a couple of days. And the best part is that they have a cumulative effect. Maximum results can be observed after the completion of procedures. Then there is a median peeling, which affects not only the epidermis but also the dermis, which is great rejuvenates the skin. It requires not only perform in the clinic, but the recovery period under the supervision of a physician. But the most serious is considered a deep peel, which affect all layers of skin down to the basal layer.

Особо опасны - Красота и здоровье -

Maximum results can be observed after completion of the course, procedureto:

It is held only in a medical facility, as this procedure refers to the surgical manipulation. The rehabilitation period lasts from one month to six months. Using this technique, you can remove not only wrinkles, but even old scars. Care after it should be as serious. First and foremost you can not forget about hydration. After the procedure the skin has lost a certain amount of moisture, so you need to use creams that will prevent the loss of fluid. Pay attention to funds with hyaluronic acid, natural oils, aloe, chamomile, calendula and panthenol. They will help not only hydrate the face but also to restore the disturbed lipid layer. The second is protection from the sun, about which we have already spoken. The third is to strengthen the result, it is possible to use cosmetics with acids at low concentrations. This will help to maintain a healthy complexion and will help to reduce the sebaceous glands activity. But from scrubs, alcohol-containing products and other corrosive products must be abandoned. They are able to istiniti the already thin after the procedure the skin. In principle, these rules are true for any kind of peeling, but with a deep they become vital. To perform these procedures, you can even spring, but only after consultation with a specialist.

In warm time of the year we want the updates, and funds from acids able to provide. But do not overdo it, not to add problems. With the right approach in such products there is nothing terrible, but if you hit the ground with an unhealthy zeal, not only can not get rid of existing imperfections, but also earn new ones.


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