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Select right nudewww lipstick - health & Beauty -

Makeup in calm colors is gaining popularity. However there are some nuances — offers assistance in creating a gentle image

Maria Блавацкая21 Feb 2019 22:59211470

Подбираем правильную нюдовую помаду - Красота и здоровье -

choose the correct nycfoto:

In the last few years sudovye lipstick beat all records of popularity and for good reason: this shade is suitable for almost any makeover, whether it's active "Smokey" or accent on the lips. But did you know that even such a seemingly simple color has its own shades? If it is wrong to choose the color of lipstick can spoil all the efforts to create a stunning image. offers some tips to avoid failure in make-up:

What is "Nude"?
Let's start with the definition of what constitutes a "Nude" shade as the lipstick. No, that's not the variant Foundation cream stick for lips, as many might think. The essence of this shade is not to equalize the color of the lips with color and bold highlighting the natural shade of the lips. The second difficulty: the lipstick must be suitable not only to lips but also to shade the skin.Therefore, it is difficult to find a lipstick color because not every color will suit you, charging the purchase to a friend or young person will not work.

Подбираем правильную нюдовую помаду - Красота и здоровье -

the girls are independent, attenante:

Identify your undertone

This is done in exactly the same as when choosing makeup you need to look closely at the veins on your wrist — if they give green, then your undertone is warm, if in purple and cold. According to this principle, pick the right shade: to warm potona buy a lipstick with hints of orange, suitable for cold, pink Nude. However, sometimes neutral undertone. If this is your case, you're in luck — you can choose any lipstick. Experiment!

Подбираем правильную нюдовую помаду - Красота и здоровье -

lips need overnatte:

What you need to know when creating a makeup look using the "Nude":

1. Before you use lipstick, look closely at the skin on your lips is: whether it imperfections? All seluchenko and problem points on the edges of the lips will be ruthlessly exposed. To avoid dryness, use a scrub the day before. It is important to constantly moisturize lips balm since the lips has no glands, which help to nourish the skin on them, unlike the rest of the face.

2. If you want to buy a shade darker than natural lip shade, choose one that will go to brown no more than two shades. Otherwise, your makeup will look rather strange.

3. To use nodovoy lipstick essential lip pencil. With a pencil you will avoid spreading of lipstick and define the borders of applying lipstick.

4. Avoid matte lipsticks. Though they were popular a few seasons ago, but now come to naught. And in case your lips are too plump, a matte finish will make them even thinner. Better, scroll to the middle of the lips a bit of glitz is suggest professional makeup artists.

Подбираем правильную нюдовую помаду - Красота и здоровье -

refrain from matte, texturata:

5. If you don't want to look sickly, and newdom it can happen, use a pink blush or a little bronzer on the cheekbones.

6. For eyes are perfect "Smokey" or the classic black arrows.


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