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How to deal with bags under eyes - health & Beauty -

Useful advice from dermatologist, cosmetologist Anton Averbukh

Anton Авербух27 February 2019 14:41182210

Как бороться с мешками под глазами - Красота и здоровье -


Swelling under the eyes is an unpleasant problem, familiar to most women. Often for seemingly trivial aesthetic nuisance disappear fairly serious illnesses that require timely treatment, not masking by using various means. Hence the first advice: if the swelling under the eyes you face regularly, get checked at the doctor. Your first visit you can cause the beautician, but it should really be a doctor with a diploma of higher medical education, not the aesthetics of the neighboring beauty salon. Cosmetologist will consider all possible causes of edema, you will find basic, offer proper treatment or referred to a specialist that deals with the treatment of this disease, explains Dr. Averbukh.

Как бороться с мешками под глазами - Красота и здоровье -

Anton Verbuchte: materials of press-services

The main causes of puffiness under the eyes:

— insufficient sleep

— fluid retention due to hormonal changes, including pregnancy, menstrual cycle, etc.

— excess dietary salt

— long crying

— Allergy (e.g., cosmetics)

— harmful habits (alcohol abuse, Smoking)

— prolonged fatigue (bad fluid is removed and begins to accumulate under the eyes)

— diseases of the heart, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, associated with loss of protein

— strong physical exertion

— insufficient fluid intake

— hernia of the lower eyelid

— excess skin on the lower eyelid due to aging changes

Как бороться с мешками под глазами - Красота и здоровье -

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What to do when puffiness under the eyes?

It is advisable to start with the traditional methods and to normalize sleep, rest, fluid intake. There are not a lot of salt, avoid before going to sleep salty, smoked and spicy foods, not drinking coffee. Swelling in the morning, doing great lotions with cold green tea (or tea bags), slices of fresh cucumber mask from grated potatoes. If traditional methods do not help, go to treatment, improves lymphatic flow — we are talking about patches on the lower eyelid and special creams that promote swelling. If that does not work, you should go to the doctor. Perhaps the reason for the swelling is in serious chronic disease that should not be run.

If serious illness excluded, then the patient will be recommended body beauty treatments. In the first place among the procedures dealing with the presence of edema, is biorevitalization preparations for delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes. And instrumental and manual techniques that enhance lymphatic drainage — massage, drainage, microcurrent therapy and electromyostimulation.

Как бороться с мешками под глазами - Красота и здоровье -

regular massage will speed up the exchange processfoo:

Hernia of the lower eyelid

Beauty care can give a temporary effect in that case if we are talking about the hernia of the lower eyelid. As a rule, this disease occurs due to the weakening of the lower retaining ligaments of the eye due to age-related changes of the body, which leads to a so-called bulging fat, cope with the initial stage contouring. However, here there is one big but: not every therapist is able to efficiently cope with the problem in such delicate and complex anatomical area. Looking for a good doctor with lots of experience, otherwise there is a risk to aggravate the problem significantly. And then you nothing but blepharoplasty of the lower eyelid will not help. But this operation will help you forget about the hernia of the lower eyelid for a long time.

Edema associated with excess skin on the lower eyelid, it is recommended that non-surgical blepharoplasty: laser resurfacing or radio frequency lifting. Both techniques help to significantly reduce the skin, reduce the space for swelling, and generally rejuvenate the face.

In conclusion, I want to reiterate an important point — be sure to watch the doctor get yourself checked regularly engaged in their health and do not start chronic diseases. Again, to treat swelling under the eyes due to problems with the heart at the beautician of the beauty salon may be not only useless, but also dangerous for your health — time passes and the disease progresses. Remember that any problem is easier to resolve at an early stage.


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