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Beauty evolution: technology that changed the world of beauty - health and Beauty -

What yesterday was considered attractive, today it seems not very relevant. And Vice versa. Together with the chief doctor of the Institute of beauty Belle Allure Elena Vasilyeva studied beauty evolution in recent years

6 March 2019 14:2537000

Бьюти-эволюция: технологии, изменившие мир красоты - Красота и здоровье -

Study beauty evolution latest levoto:


Was. To eliminate facial wrinkles in the area between the eyebrows and horizontal forehead lines was used botulinum toxin. The ineffectiveness or the lack of desire the patient to apply the botulinum toxin used fillers based on hyaluronic acid, but this method was not included in the constant practice, as left "protrusions" in the course of horizontal wrinkles, the introduction of fillers in the glabella area had a lot of complications due to the anatomical features of the location of the neurovascular bundle in the area.

Elena Vasilevshchina Moscow medical Academy. I. M. Sechenov. Aesthetic medicine deals since 1999. In 2007 he founded the Institute of beauty Belle Allure in Moscow. At one of the congresses in Paris heard about threads Resorblift polylactic acid realized that this innovation is a real breakthrough in cosmetology, and got the idea to bring the threads into Russia. Signed the contract, convinced that our Russian market this drug is absolutely necessary. In 2011 thread Resorblift was officially registered on the territory of the Russian Federation. Currently is the head coach of professionals on a filament lifting Resorblift not only in Russia and the CIS, but also around the world.

Became. Botulinum toxins retained their positions, the only difference in the line of the botulinum toxin, they became much more. Radically changed the technique of modelling of forehead and eyebrows with fillers, and added lifting lifting of eyebrows and shaping eyebrows. Yarn added opportunities to doctors-cosmetologists and patients who do not want or are unable for medical reasons to pull the forehead with a scalpel.

Bags under the eyes

Was. Previously, patients could only offer surgery.

Became. The use of fillers to strengthen the ligaments in this area. The use of lipolytic cocktails for the treatment of bags under the eyes, as it is the protrusion of adipose tissue as a result of age-related changes. And needle radio wave lifting, after which eliminate fat effectively smoothes and reduces the skin that was stretched by excess of adipose tissue.


Was. This area previously did not work — did not give it much importance.

Became. Today used mainly fillers and thread lifting for lifting the face, particularly the middle third of the face. To accentuate the zygomatic region and preserve the correct proportions of the face in accordance with the rules of the Golden section.

Бьюти-эволюция: технологии, изменившие мир красоты - Красота и здоровье -

Elena Vasilievitch: materials of press-services

Lip — perioral wrinkles

Was. Used to use small doses of botulinum toxin. But they gave a lot of negative consequences in the form of facial disorders.

Became. Contour for filling perioral wrinkles, giving a more precise outline of the lips and make the swelling or lip augmentation. And filament technology is Resorblift (determined by the specific composition of yarns of 100% polylactic acid). The correction of the middle third of the face we can create a more precise lip contour, highlight columns philtrum, which gives a more youthful look and lasts longer than fillers, and with the help of threads we can reduce the distance from the tip of the nose to the upper lip (replace "operation, bullhorn").


Was. This area gave little value.

Became. First, the work of the filler with the chin plays an important role for the completion of lifting in the lower third of the face. Second, fillers successfully adjusted Guben-regional furrows or wrinkles "puppets" and the modelling of the chin, shape change to the triangle formation of youth, and men the changing shape of the chin to give the manhood.

Бьюти-эволюция: технологии, изменившие мир красоты - Красота и здоровье -

The world is changing rapidly. Including the world of creativeto:


Was. Earlier, only plastic surgery.

Became. Hardware (radio wave), liposuction and injectable treatments for the correction of fat deposits in the area flews. Contouring the lower third of the face and, of course, lifting Resorblift.

Neck and décolleté

Was. Mesotherapy, botulinum toxin therapy.

Became. Mesotherapy and botulinum toxin therapy are still used. They added needle radiowave facelift to work with loose fabric neck and neck, this is the top layer of the skin. Biorevitalization is now used with more modern drugs with excellent results for a period of 6-9 months. Lifting Resorblift due to the particular composition of the drug and get the results for up to 5 years.


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