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How to beat acne in women - Beauty and health

Our expert Anna Senik — beautician, a specialist in non-injection
the rejuvenation techniques — gives advice on how to properly care for problem skin

Anna Заенчик12 March 2019 12:0637010

Как победить акне у женщины - Красота и здоровье -

How to beat acne in women?Photo:

All have long been accustomed to the fact that acne is a problem of teenagers. According to statistics, 15-17 years, this disease affects 30-40% of boys and girls. In 20-25 years this disease affects about 20% of women over 40 years, the number suffering from acne is reduced to five percent. Only in recent years study of the problem of acne in adulthood have become more active.

The most common causes of acne in women are:

gynecological disorders that lead to hormonal disturbance, provoke the appearance of acne can also pregnancy and abortion;

- endocrine abnormalities. On the skin is bad dysfunction of the adrenal glands, pituitary gland, female genital organs. Common cause of acne is the increase in women production of male hormones (hyperandrogenism)

- disorder of the digestive tract. Acne over the age of 20 years can be provoked by excessive consumption of sugar, dairy, fast carbs;

- allergic reactions to cosmetics or household chemicals;

- nervous disorders;

- taking certain medications;

- damage to the skin, which were subsequently infected with;

- wrong home or salon care and failure to comply with hygiene standards.

Как победить акне у женщины - Красота и здоровье -

To solve the problem of acne treatment only to the beautician, nevozmozhnogo:

To solve the problem of acne treatment only to the beautician impossible. It is a question not only of an aesthetic nature. For the successful treatment of cosmetic problems, it is important to consult a doctors: endocrinologist, gastroenterologist, dermatologist, gynecologist. It is recommended to hand over analyses on hormones, especially progesterone. Under the supervision of the gastroenterologist is necessary to examine in detail the gastrointestinal tract and to check for compliance of intake of vitamins and nukleina.

Later acne in women has some differences from the acne in adolescence. Is not in the T-zone, as adolescents, and more localized on the chin and cheeks, indicating a hormonal imbalance. Such acne sit deep. Difficult to work with when cleaning. Compared to acne in Teens, such eruptions more vivid and painful. Improper extraction they leave scars.

Reasons for the formation of acne in adult age. In fact, when faced with acne in adulthood, a woman receives a response that, given the wrong food habits, experiencing stress, it gradually undermines his health and, as they say, gets the problem of "face".

Skin prone to acne needs special care. While this treatment has its own specifics, different from the skin care of acne in teenagers. Most drugs, both pharmacy and sold in supermarkets are intended for teenagers. What is suitable for young skin, will not be effective for skin in adulthood. The main objective of the tools for Teens — dry. Mature skin itself is dry, and in addition to dry is impossible. All tools must be chosen for Mature skin, prone to fat. Such skin needs more delicate care. In case of a problem with acne should wash only with cool water. Use drugs only for skin with acne prone to age changes. In the care of the skin must include a hydrating serum and protective cream. On the market a lot of good lines for home care, skin prone to acne.

Good effect in the fight against late-onset acne renders professional care. A positive effect give treatments to balance with compulsory wetting in the end. Useful there are various professional treatments for oily Mature skin, in severe cases, it is recommended that mesotherapy. Good effect in the fight against acne peels give, the kind and dosage are selected individually.


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