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Tips "mother's friend": what not to do with the skin - Beauty and health

You are probably faced with friends who give advice, if they do not ask. Especially keen to help young girls. collected in one place the most frequent adverse care instructions for a

Maria Блавацкая12 March 2019 17:3351831

Советы «маминой подруги»: чего нельзя делать с кожей лица - Красота и здоровье -

listen only to the advice of cosmetologists:

The skin on the face is particularly sensitive, so Facials should be different from care of other parts of the body. Need to buy luxury tools, because if you do not follow simple rules, you simply will not help. We decided to gather in one place the bad advice we often hear.

Any cream suitable for the face

Many people are surprised by the fact that each body part has its own cream. Don't think you can use the same cream, for example, a cream for hands throughout the body. Each of them contains components which have a positive effect only on the part of the body for which they are intended, the same cream will be too oily for the face, can even cause swelling, and on the contrary, the cream will not help the skin of hands due to the different density.

Советы «маминой подруги»: чего нельзя делать с кожей лица - Красота и здоровье -

the skin is in need of onlinenaruto:

Margarine moisturizes the skin

There is a perception that margarine moisturizes dehydrated skin. Don't even bother trying: nothing but clogged pores and acne, you will not get, and this additional spending to be a beautician.

Soda is the best scrub

Scrub the baking soda went down in history home remedies for skin cleansing. But we should not abuse this tool, as aggressive soda can be detrimental to so dry skin. With frequent use accelerates the aging process due to the large loss of moisture, and you will have to visit the beautician.

Shop scrub too nothing

We are talking about industrial scrubs, which contain, as a rule, chopped fruit and berries. Not everyone is shown to use this rather aggressive means. However, those who are accustomed to such cleansing, remember:

- Start to use the scrub after 14 years.

- Skin with age becomes thinner, so after a while you will have to completely abandon the scrubs.

- Girls with oily skin can use the scrub once a week.

- Owners of dry skin it is advisable to abandon the use of scrubs altogether, or to reduce the frequency of application up to several times a week.

Советы «маминой подруги»: чего нельзя делать с кожей лица - Красота и здоровье -

for each part of your body - your cremote:

Apply as much lemon juice on the face

Lemon juice is occasionally useful in whitening masks for pigmentation, in other cases it acts on the skin negatively. The thing in the low pH, causing the top layer of the delicate skin of the face is destroyed: you can be small burns and irritation.

The alcohol will help with the inflammation

If you have dry skin, these tonics and lotions are contraindicated, oily skin permissible to use several times a week.

Советы «маминой подруги»: чего нельзя делать с кожей лица - Красота и здоровье -

lemon juice in large quantities is detrimental to cogitate:

However, the situation with inflammation alcoholic tonic is not correct, because after a while the skin starts to fill in the missing moisture independently, which can lead to high fat content.


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