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To keep youth in a safe way - health and Beauty -

Every woman dreams about how to preserve the beauty and youthfulness as long as possible

March 13 2019 14:4319600

Сохранить молодость безопасным способом - Красота и здоровье -

Thanks to modern developments in the field of cosmetology, it has become possible.

A SMAS facelift is a new and non-invasive cosmetic procedure of facelift and body, providing the collagen on the face. The procedure is performed in the clinic REAL TRANS HAIR that specializiruetsya on cosmetics, and holistic hair restoration.

The procedure is performed by using the apparatus delivering ultrasonic energy to the target skin area. 7 cartridges Ultraformer III projecting a uniform ultrasonic beams directly on several layers under the skin, promoting active formation of collagen, reduction of tissues and reducing the volume of adipocytes, forming convex sections on the skin.

The procedure usually lasts up to sixty minutes without the use of anesthesia, and the patient can immediately resume their normal daily life.

The procedure has a positive effect not only on face but also the body. It makes it more elastic and toned, roughness and bumps at the same time significantly reduced. Tightening of the skin on the Ultraformer unit III Ultraformer, a SMAS facelift is relevant in preparation for beach season. It is especially gratifying that the clinic REAL TRANS HAIR you can carry out the procedure SMAS lifting on all areas with 50% discount.

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Сохранить молодость безопасным способом - Красота и здоровье -

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