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Lunar calendar beauty: 18 — March 24 - health and Beauty - advises which treatments to spend this week

Ksenia Парфенова18 March 2019 11:11137232

Лунный календарь красоты: 18 — 24 марта - Красота и здоровье -


Some people believe that the position of the moon affects our mood and health, so try to make life easier during peak periods of activity on this celestial body. Tell you what procedure is better to spend this week to give the maximum result.

March 18 — Monday

The thirteenth lunar day. Today is a great day for relaxing treatments — the beginning of the long promised myself a course of massage or visit the full Spa program. In the evening take time in meditation and stretching under quiet music in dim light. Brew herbal tea, rich in vitamins, which will improve health and will have a positive impact on the health and beauty of skin.

Лунный календарь красоты: 18 — 24 марта - Красота и здоровье -

start the course of massarotto:

March 19 — Tuesday

The fourteenth day of the moon. Day is perfect for a change of image — feel free to sign up to the stylist hair. You make unusual hairstyle — the original haircut or color. Don't be afraid to take a risk — astrologers say that now is a great time to experiment with the image. It is possible that the new hair will push for favorable changes in life.

March 20 — Wednesday

The fifteenth lunar day. On Wednesday, better time control over food and water balance is the basis for good health. In the morning take time to charge — Wake up, stretch, then stand up slowly and stretch your muscles. In the evening, go for strength training — it's time to bring dormant winter muscles. If you are determined, sign up for unusual classes like Cycling or start Jogging in the Park or on the track — this will help you quickly lose weight.

Лунный календарь красоты: 18 — 24 марта - Красота и здоровье -

drink more water and eat, profilephoto:

March 21 — Thursday

The sixteenth day of the moon. It's time to refresh the manicure and pedicure. On Thursday, according to astrologers, the planets will withdraw from the subconscious to the fore such qualities of character as care and accuracy. The wizard will try to do quality work and come up with an original design. At the same time you can draw eyebrows or make biozavivka eyelashes — usually salons offer procedures to be performed simultaneously for a small fee. Will be well-groomed and save time — all in one bottle!

March 22 — Friday

The seventeenth lunar day. Should come to the beautician, a specialist will analyze your skin condition and offer to spend a few procedures. If the menstrual cycle is not in the active phase, it is possible to decide on injection in spring, in the period of beriberi, especially useful to the PRP and biorevitalization. Also on Friday you can go hair — less painful than other days.

March 23 — Saturday

The eighteenth day of the moon. In the output suggest to give more time to family than to care for themselves. Complex of purifying and nourishing masks will be enough in the observance of daily care during the week. If possible, go to the bath — make skin peeling body massage with a dry brush and wrap with honey or clay. The skin becomes like a baby! If the procedure will end with a tea party and not going to flip through social networks, you will ensure yourself a good night's sleep.

Лунный календарь красоты: 18 — 24 марта - Красота и здоровье -

go to the sauna on vychodniho:

March 24 — Sunday

The nineteenth lunar day. According to the forecast of the astrologers on Sunday you can spend any procedure. For example, to visit together with her husband, a Spa program, where you can have a relaxing massage and a seaweed wrap. It is also worth to go to the pool or sauna — swimming relaxes muscles, preparing you for a new working week. Do not forget about hair care — apply appropriate amount to the length and make peeling of the scalp.


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