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Glow skin, beauty sleep and patceva mask - Beauty and health represents the most notable a beauty novelties

Olga Бродзка19 March 2019 11:0715540

Сияние кожи, сон красоты и патчевая маска - Красота и здоровье -

The most notable of beauty novelties of spring, according to WomanHit.gitto:

Night cream for radiant skin with Pikalevo acid Vinoperfect from Caudalie

Сияние кожи, сон красоты и патчевая маска - Красота и здоровье -

Photo: materials of press-services

Age spots is one of those errors that doesn't want to accept any woman. And although combating many think initially losing, actually, not so sad. Of course, the first step is to consult with specialists, but home care should not be neglected. Since 2008 the leader of the fight against pigment spots, presented on the shelves of French pharmacies is Serum-Radiance anti-dark Spots Vinoperfect Anti-Taches of the brand Caudalie (just for information: this facility is a bestseller sell worldwide every 30 seconds). And this spring the company to the serum added a very hot new Vinoperfect cell renewal night cream. It has the effect of soft peeling throughout the night, so by morning your skin gets a radiant look.

"I created the Vinoperfect range in order for the appearance of dark spots was not more inevitable for women of any age," says Mathilde Thomas, founder of Caudalie. The main ingredient night cream, Vinoperfect is viniferine, an exclusive component of that mark in 2004 received a patent. This unique patented molecule derived from grapevine SAP, helps fight pigmentation and prevent new spots. Also included glycolic acid, which together with arginine allows to provide a gradual delicate peeling effect; papaya enzymes — they encourage the process of exfoliation, and Shea butter, grape seed and hyaluronic acid that nourish and moisturize the skin.

The result: after each application of Vinoperfect cell renewal night cream age spots become less pronounced, and the complexion is evened. Oh, and don't forget the serum — in a duet with her night cream is much more effective.

New patceva Hydro Cool mask, Brightening Face Mask from Skyn ICELAND

Сияние кожи, сон красоты и патчевая маска - Красота и здоровье -

Photo: materials of press-services

Copes with pigment spots and this new mask. In General, the founder of Skyn ICELAND, Sarah Kugelmann believes that all skin issues — including pigmentation — only a consequence. "Many do not know that the majority of serious of skin problems arise due to the accumulated chronic stress, she says. — Of course, we can't instantly get rid of stress in life, but we can deal with your skin and reverse the signs of the impact of stress on skin'.

In the mask — only natural ingredients. Red tourmaline, licorice root extract and Centella asiatica, and vitamin C and hyaluronic acid combined with a proprietary Icelandic complex to create an effective cocktail for even the most tired and exposed to the stress of the skin. In the end, only ten minutes, dark spots and acne marks become less visible and the skin takes on a radiant appearance.

Intense night cream for the visual correction of age-related changes in Nordic Ageless [Ajaton] from Lumene

Сияние кожи, сон красоты и патчевая маска - Красота и здоровье -

Photo: materials of press-services

This cream is a welcome addition to the range of anti-aging Ageless Nordic [Ajaton]. Has long been known that at night our skin recovers twice as fast than during the day. But if you can help and before bedtime will cause the "right" cream, the results will be even greater. New from Lumene contains encapsulated copper peptides that strengthen the skin and make it more elastic; stem cells cranberries protecting; fermented cloudberry sheen and Heather, soothing the skin. So after the first application of the cream you will notice that the next morning the skin is smooth and radiant.


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