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A broad stroke: learning to navigate the makeup brushes - Beauty and health

Create awesome image under not only professional make-up artist: you can draw perfect hands or draw the outline of the lips with the necessary tools, and will tell you which ones

Maria Блавацкая19 March 2019 12:1514440

Широким мазком: учимся ориентироваться в кистях для макияжа - Красота и здоровье -

how to understand this, mnogoobraziya:

More recently, we applied all the makeup with your fingers, and everything was fine. But beauty blenders and brushes significantly facilitates and accelerates the process of applying cosmetics. If you are just beginning to discover the world of brushes, you'll appreciate our quick guide.

Which pile is better — synthetic or natural

Absolutely all makeup brushes are divided into 2 big types: natural and synthetic cloth. It is impossible to say which is better, at different stages you will need those and others.

Широким мазком: учимся ориентироваться в кистях для макияжа - Красота и здоровье -

you will be able to create an image no worse than usagestate:

Natural brush

These brushes are ideal for dry textures and shading shadows and blush. Also suitable for applying loose powder.

Synthetic brushes

For the application of Foundation, eye shadow, glitter you will need a brush with artificial bristles, as the hairs will not stick together and to absorb excess funds.

What to look for when buying

It's best to buy brushes in an offline store, so you can touch the brush to make sure its quality. Much more complicated things with the product that you are going to order via the Internet: you'll learn exactly what you brought, only in the place, and not always you will have the opportunity to return the brush is of poor quality.

So, first look at the length of the handle, this is especially important for beginners. The handle of the brush should not be less than 17 cm, otherwise you will be extremely uncomfortable to use initially.

The pile density should be high. The brush is of good quality does not fade when you touch it. Remember that you have to wash the instrument, so think about how long you will last a brush that crumbles like a Christmas tree.

Be sure to expand your set. Start with two or three brushes, but gradually you will need more tools, for example, several brushes for powder, to work out difficult sections.

Широким мазком: учимся ориентироваться в кистях для макияжа - Красота и здоровье -

a brush can be applied to any of redstate:

Choose brush

For tone

You will need a flat brush with synthetic bristles, as the majority of tonal resources are liquid or cream Foundation. The bristles on the brush are necessarily of different lengths.

Широким мазком: учимся ориентироваться в кистях для макияжа - Красота и здоровье -

and natural and synthetic pile the necessary in your arsenalotti:

For powder

The biggest brush in your kit, "the young makeup artist" brush. It has a spherical shape, the length of the pile normally starts from 2-3 cm the bigger the brush, the more area coverage. The large brush is a short handle and a more compact slice.

For blush

It has some brush for powder, but it is smaller and its edge is slightly beveled. You can use it not only for blush, but also for sculpting. You can buy several of the same brushes, so as not to mix the bronzer and blush in one.

Brushes for eyes

Brushes for eyes so much that you will not know what kind you need. In a standard set make-up artist is made up of about 9 hands, but you hardly need it so much.

Brush barrel

Need to blend shadows and the mixing of multiple pigments. It got its name due to the specific shape, which resembles a barrel.

Flat with synthetic bristles

This brush is convenient to blend the concealer and other required liquid texture.

Beveled hard

Suitable for drawing the arrow and drawing the eyebrows. Copes with gel eyeliner.

Other brushes

Lip brush

You can apply the lipstick and your fingers, but it is unlikely you will be able to pull off this trick with bright scarlet lipstick where you want crisp lines. Using a special brush you can draw the contour and to blend color.

Brush for eyebrows

This brush comb will help to remove clumps of mascara and to smooth unruly brows using a special tool.


Can be the perfect replacement brushes for liquid colours, especially they are convenient for applying wet method.


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