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Hand-made: clothing, hand made - health and Beauty -

Cheap creams and balms can be an alternative to expensive tools

Ksenia Парфенова22 March 2019 15:1417700

Хенд-мейд: косметика для ухода, сделанная своими руками - Красота и здоровье -

home care does not hugette:

It is difficult to imagine how much money goes to maintaining beauty — manicure, pedicure, facial treatments, hair, beauty and skincare. Surely every girl wants to save a little. We offer you several recipes of home-made cosmetics, which is no worse than store-bought.

Lip balm

The basis of the quality of the balm should be the base oil — this can be coconut oil, Shea butter, Shea butter. This solid oil, which are easy to use — at room temperature, they stiffen, but it is necessary to touch them with your fingers warmed up, they immediately melt into gentle caring means. Add to a carrier oil fat-soluble vitamins A and E — you can buy them at the pharmacy. These trace elements accelerate the renewal of skin cells, heal small wounds and cracks and smooth the surface of lips.

Remedy for eyelash growth

Having studied the compositions of popular serums, you can easily make them at home. Buy at the pharmacy castor oil, vitamins A, E, B8 capsules and Rhodiola rosea extract. Take your hyaluronic serum and add a few drops to the mixture. The ratio of oils and active substances should be 80 to 20 percent. Apply on eyelashes in the morning and evening during the month — you'll soon notice that they become softer, thicker and longer.

Хенд-мейд: косметика для ухода, сделанная своими руками - Красота и здоровье -

repeat the serum one in edinphoto:

Finishing powder for the face

Even the most expensive tool will be composed of only one component is talc. For fixing makeup fit the talc and baby powder. Pour the powder into a box of old powder, previously passed it through a sieve — so the structure will become more airy and light. Apply a thick fluffy brush from synthetic hair or polishing a wide Kabuki brush.

Body scrub

Do not waste an entire bag of coffee at a time — during the month collect coffee cake in a jar from the former body cream and store in the refrigerator. Once will be enough, add to the coffee cake base oil — coconut, olive or plain vegetable. Apply onto wet skin during shower, carefully rubbing in the problem areas. After the procedure, rinse the tools and dry towel. The skin becomes like a baby!

Хенд-мейд: косметика для ухода, сделанная своими руками - Красота и здоровье -

improve the composition of the habitual cremate:

A few tips:

  • Too thick concealer can be diluted by adding a bit of hyaluronic serum or light cream. Be sure to thoroughly shake the bottle before each application.
  • In the usual face cream is to pour a few vials of vitamin A and E. It accelerates the penetration and effectively regenerates the skin, healing of minor rashes.
  • The lip scrub is replace with a mixture of sugar and butter. Circular motion RUB lips with this scrub for couple of minutes.

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