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Lunar calendar beauty: 25-31 March - health and Beauty - advises which treatments to spend this week

Ksenia Парфенова25 Mar 2019 10:58132020

Лунный календарь красоты: 25—31 марта - Красота и здоровье -

beauty is not requires sacrifice, if to procedures to come up with otumfuo:

If you haven't heard about the Lunar calendar, according to which the experts recommend to carry out the procedure, you missed a lot. Tips will not only help to prolong the effect of the March to the master beauty, but also to choose the day that skin sensitivity will be smaller.

March 25 (Monday):

Today we advise you to pay attention to eating light and healthy foods will fill you up and give the body the essential set of microelements. Do not forget also about sports: a relaxing exercise like stretching or yoga will do you good. Before bedtime, apply on face night mask and a little oil on the tips will be enough for leaving in the first working day of the week.

Лунный календарь красоты: 25—31 марта - Красота и здоровье -

stretching will do you, polizotto:

March 26 (Tuesday):

Do not neglect the advice of astrologers today is a good day to deal with important procedures. Sign up to the beautician and make the required beauty shots. If the campaign does not coincide with the period of menstruation, you can be sure it won't hurt. Specialist will choose for you a set of procedures in accordance with your problems. From myself I advise you to do the plazmolifting — this procedure nourishes the skin with natural vitamins and moisturize it. But to clean the face not worth it — better to wait until next week, otherwise you risk a long walk with inflamed skin.

March 27 (Wednesday):

Perhaps there is no such girl who wouldn't love a Spa. Each at least once a month I want to relax like a king: have a massage, do a surface dive in a cool pool and relax in the salt room. Do not deny yourself the pleasure! Bring a friend or husband, in the company where you will have a great time. Some centers offer to make a leather wrap in seaweed, clay or honey — this treatment will leave your skin incredibly soft, so feel free to add it to the complex.

March 28 (Thursday):

I think that you have picked trendy haircut for spring — we have recently proposed some interesting options. Boldly decide to experiment, because even the stars are a factor in this. Important to choose experienced master hair, which not only cut and paint, you but and recommend treatment for hair restoration after a long cold. Botox, keratin, or "happiness for hair" — either of these treatments will give you a luxurious head of hair.

Лунный календарь красоты: 25—31 марта - Красота и здоровье -

a trendy haircut will breathe in you new silavoto:

March 29 (Friday):

Do not forget about manicure and pedicure — these treatments instantly transform your hands, making cuticles tidy and skin soft and moisturized. In the design just rely on your taste, because no one knows better than you what style do you practice in clothes and accessories. Neat French manicure or solid red is a classic choice of most girls. Bold fashionistas will fit this season's geometry on the nails.

March 30 (Saturday):

On weekends, it is better to postpone hair removal — you will be able to give this procedure the right time, and the skin to the beginning of the week will have time to recover. We use both hands laser hair removal, which is less than a year will allow you to forget about the razor. And in the evening make time for yourself: make a cleansing and moisturizing mask, take a bath with fragrant bomb and apply to the skin nourishing cream.

March 31 (Sunday):

On Sunday can schedule the wizard to eyebrows and lashes be able to combine sleep and pleasant procedure. Responsibly approach the choice of the wizard: check the certificates, the quality of materials, view the sample work. Filling eyebrows with henna, your image significantly transformed. And with biozavivka eyelashes will appear longer and thicker.


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