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Features of permanent makeup for men - Beauty and health

Expert trendsetter and aesthetics Permanent Make-up in Russia and Europe Valeria Barchenko — about what problems the stronger sex will help to solve the tattoo

Valeria Барченко29 March 2019 17:4478690

Особенности перманентного макияжа для мужчины - Красота и здоровье -

Permanent makeup is gaining popularity among muscente:

The last time permanent makeup is changing in the direction of naturalness. In the past the trend was a clear outline of the lips, pronounced eyebrows, but today these views have evolved. The priority of naturalness and invisibility. This, of course, interested in men, which can solve some aesthetic problems with the help of the capabilities of modern permanent makeup.

Особенности перманентного макияжа для мужчины - Красота и здоровье -

Valeria, Burkinafaso: materials of press-services

Indications for permanent makeup for men are alopecia (baldness), multiple skin lesions (scars, scars), fuzzy contour of the lips, diseases (vitiligo, dyschromia of the skin), so-called granules Fordyce (white dots on the lips). All these readings are primarily aesthetic, however, getting rid of any kind of congenital or acquired imperfections in their appearance with the help of tattoo, a man can qualitatively change your life for the better, get rid of insecurities, complexes, establish a new relationship with a woman, and even advance your career. After the appearance of man today is paying much attention. Not without reason is considered to be that attractive appearance and grooming are an undeniable advantage for any person who wants to reach certain heights in their profession. Today the attractiveness and success go hand in hand. Therefore, the permanent plays a male role, not makeup, and the way to solve aesthetic problems. Man today wants to look good, wants to please myself and the opposite sex, and this, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong, especially because permanent makeup can save him from the imperfections unnoticeable to the surrounding sight.

Особенности перманентного макияжа для мужчины - Красота и здоровье -

In today's world the attractiveness and success go hand, rokotto:

When you create permanent makeup for men in the priority of natural pigments, the lack of bright colors, sharp transitions, the use of thin needles and soft, natural touches.

Among the options for permanent make-up, using men the most popular, is trichotillomania, which is shown when starting alopecia or a hair transplant to disguise the transition zone. Another popular option of permanent makeup — micropigmentation of the eyelids. Alopecia can be expressed not only in hair loss the scalp, but in the fact that in humans is completely absent eyelashes and eyebrows. Naturally, this causes patient discomfort and cause complexes. Permanent not only helps to choose the right patient this option eyebrows, to draw them in, but also to create the effect of the cilia. This did not need to draw arrows, you just have to fill in the holes where it's supposed to grow eyelashes. This helps to create the visual effect of the presence of eyelashes, helps to make the eyes more expressive. Of course, the family will understand that you don't really increased cilia is the visibility, but from afar the effect is great. Permanent makeup eyebrows helps to restore density and get rid of scars in this area. Most often this procedure for men is executed in the technique of "feathering" that allows you to achieve the most natural result. When the permanent lip, which helps to restore contour, color or get rid of the granules Fordyce and scarring, selected natural pigment, which completely coincides with the natural shade of the lips of the patient. This procedure, if desired, can be combined with injectable fillers that help restore volume or to further improve the form.


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