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Study new products: filament correction of the nose and bullhorn - health and Beauty -

We've learned that lift is for the face shape, however, cosmetologists have developed a more effective and less traumatic ways to look younger

Svetlana Мулева1 APR 2019 14:3516150

Изучаем новинки: нитевая коррекция носа и булхорн - Красота и здоровье -

The filament correction of the nose and bullhorn - learning innovations, omolozhenie:

No matter how much we watched their appearance, over time our skin "sinks" — such are the laws of gravity. One of the most effective ways to fight the visible signs of the aging process is lifting.

The idea that a person can "flash" threads, pulling thus his oval, come to mind to specialists in the last century. The first attempts to use a thread frame as an alternative to plastic surgery were undertaken in the seventies of the last century in France. As the raw material then used "Golden thread". However, although the result did, it wasn't as noticeable as I would like, and side effects were observed a lot.

There were also experiments with platinum filaments (pretty bad, frankly), while the world of cosmetology has yet to discover the threads of polylactic acid. So was born the innovative development of French doctors — thread Resorblift with 100% of this polylactic acid.

Elena Vasilevshchina Moscow medical Academy. I. M. Sechenov. Aesthetic medicine deals since 1999. In 2007 he founded the Institute of beauty Belle Allure in Moscow. At one of the congresses in Paris heard about threads Resorblift polylactic acid realized that this innovation is a real breakthrough in cosmetology, and got the idea to bring the threads into Russia. Signed the contract, convinced that our Russian market this drug is absolutely necessary. In 2011 thread Resorblift was officially registered on the territory of the Russian Federation. Currently is the head coach of professionals on a filament lifting Resorblift not only in Russia and the CIS, but also around the world.

"On the threads I first heard at one of the congresses in Paris, — says Elena Vasilieva. — And since has worked with drugs, which — are acid, I immediately realized that this is a real breakthrough. On the one hand, are acid — unique biodegradable hydrophobic drug that triggers metabolic processes in the dermis, which occurs due to its rejuvenation. On the other thread, even with the notches. That is, the fixation at the expense of these notches and uniform distribution. Of course, I immediately got the idea to bring these threads into Russia. Signed the contract, convinced that our Russian market this drug is absolutely necessary. In 2011, we officially registered the threads Resorblift on the territory of the Russian Federation".

Today Elena Vasilieva — head coach at Resorblift not only in Russia but all over the world. Foreign doctors learn from her, inviting to seminars around the world.

"I'm Resorblift threads since 2007. Of course, techniques are improved. Appear new versions of threads. For 12 years there are many observations of patients, you can already see how lifting make it more effective. Does the person need training or is he already perfect for thread lifting, a single layer of aging to work with him or it is necessary to involve all sectors, from what zone to start. And age-related changes quite well, we have studied".

Three zones

We've learned that threads the face lifts. However, Elena Vasilieva went a little further and began to use Resorblift in other areas — for tightening of the forehead, tip of nose and lips. "More and more, I start lifting with the upper third of the face, since anatomically it is more efficient and reliable, — says Elena. — In spite of the movement of tissues of the forehead will be lifting the middle and lower third of the face. It's like laying the Foundation when building a house, if the Foundation is old, cosmetically to remove disadvantages little sense. Folds "bags", "overhang" is all the result of the relaxation of the musculo-ligamentous structures."

Изучаем новинки: нитевая коррекция носа и булхорн - Красота и здоровье -

Elena Vasilievitch: materials of press-services

Tell me more about working with three zones:

— forehead;

— the tip of the nose;

— bullhorn.

The seven strands in the forehead

The previous generation of threads that were not resolved over time, bad "worked" in the area of the forehead there's a thin skin, the contours of the threads could be seen. And with the help of Resorblift it was possible.

"Of course, you should never forget that each of us is individual and what is good for one patient, completely different, can not come, — continues the story Elena Vasilieva. — When nitiom the forehead lift in addition to fundamental rejuvenation we can change the shape of the eyebrows, change the position of the eyebrow, look to make more open, to remove overhanging eyelids, lift the tips of the eyebrows that makes us tired and sad, and sometimes gives an angry look."

Don't give up

Not so long ago even the experts could not imagine that with using threads Resorblift you can change the shape of the nose. But Elena Vasilieva has long sought such operations. "Age-related anatomical changes occur with the tip of the nose. If we raise the tip of the nose, then have this result:

– increase the distance between the base of the nose and upper lip;

– flattening of the nasolabial angle;

– the emergence or strengthening Cubapetroleo angle".

This technique is also called "naewoe rejuvenation of the nose", as it slightly turned-up nose is visually makes the face look younger.

"In this case, the thread is conducted through the cartilaginous part and is fixed to the periosteum of the upper part of the back of the nose. To understand whether you fit the lifting of the nose, in front of the mirror, slightly lift the toe tip of the nose, the result of a strand non-surgical rhinoplasty will be similar. The technique is suitable for those patients in whom the tip of the nose slightly lowered, — says Elena Vasilieva. Also using threads it is possible to make narrower the base of the nose. In this case, the thread is held inside between the lip and gum, is laid in the form of eight and contracted. The technique is suitable for patients, the nose of which is "spread out" while smiling".

The advantages of thread nose correction:

– The effect is visible immediately.

– Does not require General anesthesia.

– No bruising and obvious swelling after surgery.

– The postoperative period is practically absent.

The filament non-surgical rhinoplasty is suitable:

– patients who have a tendency to keloid cicatrices;

– patients who for health reasons is not recommended serious invasive surgical technique and/or anesthesia;

– patients who do not need radical changes to the shape of the nose.

Изучаем новинки: нитевая коррекция носа и булхорн - Красота и здоровье -

Bullhorn will help to correct the too thin upper gobutton: materials of press-services

Nail harmony

Recently striking trend was bullhorn — a procedure that is performed to reduce the distance from the edge of the upper lip to the base of the nose.

"The operation is the shortening of the skin above the upper lip, and she red border tightened up and a little turned, — says Elena Vasilieva. Thanks to this, the upper lip becomes visually more spacious, wide and seductive. In our clinic we offer thread, bullhorn".

The indications for the procedure, bullhorn:

– too thin upper lip;

– age-related changes (with age the lips become thinner and below);

– long skin part of the upper lip;

– trauma to the face;

– asymmetry;

– individual characteristics of a person;

– ptosis (drooping);

– insufficient volume of the upper lip (plastic can be combined if necessary with fillers).

Contraindications to the procedure, bullhorn:

– the upper lip is too short;

– cancer;

– violations of blood clotting;

– herpes on the lips in the acute stage;

– pregnancy;

– aggravation of chronic diseases;

– decompensated diabetes.

Usually the procedure is performed surgically. Therefore, the following possible complications:

– excessive scarring;

– loss of sensation;


– the difference wounds;

– dissatisfaction with results of the patient;

– accumulation of serous fluid.

"The price of the procedure, bullhorn ranges from 50 to 100 thousand rubles, — says Elena Vasilieva. — The average in Moscow it is possible to make bullhorn for 65 000. The advantage of the thread of bullhorn and price. For the same money you will get and the lifting of the middle third of the face and thread, bullhorn, no scars, recovery, lack of complications and anesthesia, no bandages, and extra free time."

Whichever operation you decide, the main thing — to choose the right clinic and doctor that you will trust your face.

"The clinic where you are applying, must have medical license for the provision of medical cosmetology, medical doctor diploma with the obligatory specialization in the field of dermatology and cosmetology, — reminds Elena Vasilieva. — A doctor must have a certificate of installation threads Resorblift, a registration certificate and Declaration of conformity to the drug. And of course, the reputation of the clinic is of great value."


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