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Lunar beauty calendar: April 8-14 - health and Beauty - advises which treatments to spend this week

Ksenia Парфенова8 APR 2019 00:5843920

Лунный календарь красоты: 8—14 апреля - Красота и здоровье -

choose what to do at this redelegate:

Finally over time for mercury retrograde — it's time to decide on a style change. This week try to spend more time taking care of yourself. Tell you what procedure to do from Monday to Sunday.

April 8 (Monday):

To the beginning of the week did not cause negative emotions, agree with you that he will "reward" myself for hard work. In the evening, go for a manicure and pedicure — make a fashionable design with mirror foil and a milky white, the other option is neon yellow or orange on the nails. The mood will definitely be better! If you have time and desire to make paraffin — paraffin mixed with oils and vitamins will moisturize the skin and make them smooth.

Лунный календарь красоты: 8—14 апреля - Красота и здоровье -

apply on nails bright lakhota:

April 9 (Tuesday):

It's time for experiments! Visit a trusted stylist and show him one of the variants of the trend haircuts, asking to find a suitable for your face. Add a few accents to the image — lighten hair a few shades, make colored strands or proselyte length. Ask the master to add to the paint a cocktail of vitamins — it nourishes the hair with minerals from the inside and fill the damage.

10 APR (Wednesday):

Spring is in full swing... Hope you've been preparing for swimsuit season. Not yet? A great time to start a course of anti-cellulite or cupping massage specialist. Is enough two-week course of treatments to notice the change — the swelling will go away, cellulite will become less visible. For those who have no extra money for treatments will help self-massage with oil or dry brush. Apply to skin rich cream or oil, massaging in the direction from the feet upward during the movement of lymph.

Лунный календарь красоты: 8—14 апреля - Красота и здоровье -

the extra inches in the waist will disappear after massagetoo:

11 APR (Thursday):

Do not forget about proper nutrition and compliance with drinking regime. Astrologers suggest Thursday to arrange a fasting day, so that the body can spend less energy on processing food and sent her on the important tasks. In the evening enjoy a session of meditation, do spiritual practices and relaxing music.

April 12 (Friday):

It is important to regularly go to the beautician to control the condition of the skin and carry anti-aging treatments for the maintenance of tone. The course of several oxygen cocktails will refresh the complexion, removes imperfections, and make wrinkles less noticeable. Make a complex of clay, oil and alginate masks — they cleanse the skin, nourish it, and remove the irritation.

April 13 (Saturday):

Beauty is important, but equally important is health care. If you have not been on preventive inspection, be sure to leave common tests and check hormones. Then go to the optometrist and dentist with age for visual acuity and integrity of the teeth you need to watch carefully. In most hospitals doctors are working in the output, so you'll easily pass the examination at a time convenient for you.

Лунный календарь красоты: 8—14 апреля - Красота и здоровье -

a timely inspection prevents blessitt:

April 14 (Sunday):

Dedicate the final weekend of friends go together for a walk, dine in the restaurant. And in the evening watch a movie — during this time, you can make a mask for the face, hands and feet. Put on a body nourishing cream and cover with a warm blanket so the body is warmed up and the cream has penetrated into open pores. Invite the husband to undertake the procedures with you and it's important to care not only about themselves but also about others.


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