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Eyebrow shaping at home - Beauty and health

Tips from makeup artists that will help to save money on salon procedures

Ksenia Парфенова8 April 2019 22:538220

Оформление бровей в домашних условиях - Красота и здоровье -

eyebrows - decoration girls if they are right, oformifoto:

The architecture of the eyebrows — a make-up. With the help of give your eyebrows the desired shape and color can not only visually change the proportions of the face, but also to make the look more expressive. Some girls turn to provista, while others prefer to independently control the density and color of hairs. will share proven tips for eyebrow shaping at home.

Choose the shape of eyebrows

For each type of entity fits its shape eyebrows — you need to consider when you tweeze the hairs. For example, visually expand the narrow face will help eyebrows, a ponytail that ends just above the outer corners of the eyes. Better if the eyebrow is a soft curve to rounded facial features. Extended faces look good wide sable brows, while the round face is more suitable eyebrows of medium thickness. If you are sure that you will be able to pluck my eyebrows, buy a ready-made plastic stencils in the store. It is enough to bring them to the eyebrow, draw a stencil with a dark eyebrow pencil and tweeze what is left for the circuit.

Thread — alternative to tweezers

Trading eyebrows is a fashion trend among the cosmetic procedures. However, to replace expensive, service is easier than it seems at first glance. Take a spool of thread and cut a piece the length from the wrist to the crook of the elbow. Tie the ends of thread and loop the ring in the middle. Satelite eyebrows down and bring the inverted 8-coy thread to the eyebrows so that the hairs fall into place linking. Keep two fingers in each half of the 8 key: move them with one hand to grab and remove excess hair. Then safesite eyebrows up and remove the hairs from podrobnoi region. Nail scissors trim the hairs at the base of the eyebrows so they were flush with the body of the eyebrow.

Оформление бровей в домашних условиях - Красота и здоровье -

instead of tweezers, use netquote:

Painting with henna or paint

If you don't want the morning to spend time on eyebrow shaping, I advise you to paint them with henna or permanent dye. Buy special agent in cosmetics store, choosing it the color the roots of your hair. Eyebrows needs to be in tone with the roots or one tone lighter. If you went blonde, and the hair on the eyebrows dark, then lighten them in the cabin before painting. Apply on the eyebrow according to the instructions, strictly on the contour of the eyebrow, and wait the allotted time. After you remove the paint with a damp cotton pad. On the day of staining experts advise not to wash the face, to the paint time to gain a foothold on the skin. Normally the painting is kept on the skin of the eyebrows 14 days, hair× 25-30 days.

The power of hair

To care for hairs on the eyebrows it is necessary not less carefully than on the head. About once a week two do the peeling of the eyebrows or scrub hard with a toothbrush. Every day, apply on the eyebrow base oil — burdock, castor or coconut. Oil nourishes the skin between the hairs, stimulating their growth, and coats the hairs themselves with a protective film. Care eyebrows on average increases the number of hairs on 15-20% of normal, prevents breakage and hair loss.


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