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His lips like a Shake: no plastic, only sleight of hand - health & Beauty -

Armed with makeup, and follow the advice

Maria Блавацкая10 APR 2019 08:343370

Губы как у Шейк: никакой пластики, только ловкость рук - Красота и здоровье -

prolonged lips, visualette:

Not all girls are endowed with a plump, sensual lips. However, no need to worry: in today's world there are plenty of ways to fix what you yourself are not satisfied. But if you are not yet ready for radical measures, like lip augmentation with injectables, we'll show you a few tricks in makeup, with which you can every day a little to deceive others.

Tip 1. Prepare the skin of the lips

Important rule: to create the perfect shape, perfect skin needed, since dry and chapped lips will become a hindrance on the way to our goal. For this you will need any scrub, no matter if you buy it in the store or make own using honey and sugar. Apply to lips, gently massage and rinse. So you will otherwsie skin and improve blood flow.

Губы как у Шейк: никакой пластики, только ловкость рук - Красота и здоровье -

be sure to moisturize, koufeto:

After that, apply a lip moisturizer so that the skin is restored after the scrub.

Tip 2. Armed with a lip pencil

Resistant take a pencil and make not too clear outline, slightly beyond the lip contour, but not more than 1 mm, otherwise the lips will look unnatural. Pencil choose Ludowy, which almost merges with the skin, in this case, no visible boundary. Use this trick when you are going to apply thick lipstick.

Tip 3. Choosing the right lipstick

The lipstick is very dependent on many things: selecting the wrong texture can easily inadvertently reduce lip. So, how to choose?

Dark matte lipstick is the worst thing that you can choose. Moreover, they do not give volume, so more and disguise natural.

To visually enlarge the lips perfect Nude and other shades, close to natural, for example, dusty rose or peach.

Губы как у Шейк: никакой пластики, только ловкость рук - Красота и здоровье -

choose organic, attendite:

Tip 4. Make Blik

One of the classic ways to enhance the lips to make the highlight in the center. This technique, though simple, but it works great. You can use:

Light pencil.

Lipstick in lighter shade.

- Transparent gloss.

- Glossy shade.

- Highlighter.

Put a dot in the middle of the lower lip and blend.

Губы как у Шейк: никакой пластики, только ловкость рук - Красота и здоровье -

matte dark lipstick hides natural Objekte:

Tip 5. Complete makeup highlighter

This tool will not only help to highlight the dimple above the upper lip, but also make your makeup more three-dimensional and relief.

It's simple: you gather a little money on the brush, apply it with a slight movement at a point above the lip and also slightly shaded. The light in this place it falls naturally, however, with the help of highlighter you enhance the effect.

As you can see, using these simple tips, you can create the effect of sensual lips without the intervention of a cosmetologist.


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