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Study bezoperatsionnye-ageing - Beauty and health

In the spring I want to be transformed, to be beautiful and healthy. So this is the time many women decide on all sorts of cosmetic manipulation

Tamara Астапенкова10 APR 2019 18:365750

Изучаем безоперационные методики омоложения - Красота и здоровье -

Bezoperatsionnye techniques for rejuvenating cogitate:

The total of all these techniques is that they do not damage the skin and allow you to achieve results without a recovery period, looking at solar radiation. The risk of complications is almost close to zero. These methods are relevant especially now, but to hold them all year round. All of the hardware techniques have indications and contraindications, which specialist should tell at the reception.

4D-rejuvenation Fotona. A new method of non-surgical tightening of the soft tissues and skin, giving the effect after the first procedure. Uses two types of lasers: neodymium and erbium. First impact is on the inner side of the lips, cheeks and eyes, then the skin is treated from above. It turns out bilateral effect. Good results shows the method on the eyelids and around the eyes: puffiness disappears, the view becomes more open, corrected dark circles.

Ultrasound SMAS-lifting. Another method instant tightening effect which is noticeable immediately. High energy focused ultrasound (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound, HIFU) passes freely through all layers of the skin without damaging them. The purpose of the procedure is the level of the SMAS layer, connects the skin, muscles, and skeleton of the face. The person literally "goes up". Wrinkles and creases, raised eyebrows and open opinion, raise the corners of the mouth. The contour of the lower jaw rise up "flews" and adjusted the "floated" oval face. Wrinkles on the neck and tightened her muscles. In addition, this procedure effectively breaks down fat and eliminates double chin.

In-home care. Every woman needs to be in the presence of well-chosen creams and skin care products. At home you can use the peels, which stimulate the cells and help to otkluchitsa dead. And to do once or twice a week mask. They can be moisturizing or nourishing.

Изучаем безоперационные методики омоложения - Красота и здоровье -

Natalia Tolstikhina: materials of press-services

Natalia Tolstikhina, dermatologist, dermotology:

Most often turn to us to eliminate wrinkles, to work with the quality of the skin. But before addressing these issues, you need to look at your skin and diagnose tumors. You need to remember that no anti-aging injections and even a facelift won't be able to make the appearance attractive if the skin is covered with pigment spots, dilated capillaries, warts and keratome.

Healthy skin is clean skin. And education in her talk about the problems with the local immunity of the skin, reducing the overall resistance of the organism, viruses, photodamaged and dangerous skin neoplasm can be malignant.

Therefore, without a preliminary diagnosis for these patients is forbidden for any anti-ageing treatments: laser, hardware, injection, physiotherapy. Even homemade scrubs, peels and masks (especially warming and cooling) to people whose skin is covered with tumors, is contraindicated.


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