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5 basic rules for the care of smile Beauty and health

Not everyone is able to correctly choose the means to care for the oral cavity, and most often it is necessary to consult a specialist. Dentist Ruslan Sabanov shared basic rules, so everyone can boast a healthy and beautiful smile

Ruslan Сабанов12 April 2019 13:24490

5 основных правил по уходу за улыбкой - Красота и здоровье -

Study rules for the care of ulybayte: materials of press-services

Proper teeth brushing

Brushing your teeth has long gone beyond the usual for us toothbrushes of varying hardness, and a modern addition to thorough hygiene are electric toothbrushes that, in addition to the hard and soft bits of different shapes, have nozzles for cleaning the tongue and massage the gums. Electric toothbrushes the latest generation is equipped with many useful features: sensors determine the areas of cleaning, built-in timers, pressure sensors to protect the gums, the long batteries, tips for teeth whitening and even the option of connecting to digital devices. The producers took care about children of different ages, making the design of electric toothbrushes with images of heroes of comics and animation and the ability to download applications to instruct on proper tooth brushing with games and music will transform the routine into an exciting adventure and help instill good habits from childhood.

The choice of toothpaste

One of the most frequent problems are disease and gum sensitivity. In such cases, the patient is assigned treatment-and-prophylactic tooth paste with enzymes and plant extracts. And if the lack of fluoride and calcium are recommended in pastes, affect the strengthening of teeth and mineralization of the enamel. Contrary to popular belief, whitening toothpastes are not as harmful as they seem. Importantly, use them at most twice a week due to high content of abrasive particles. These pastes well remove plaque and better than others cope with dental stone. By the way, solid toothpaste (compressed into tablets) are ideal and recommended for smokers and coffee lovers.

5 основных правил по уходу за улыбкой - Красота и здоровье -

Ruslan Sabanovic: materials of press-services

Tongue cleaning

In the language of the crowd huge numbers of bacteria, and carefully carry out the cleaning of the tongue is as necessary as brushing your teeth. In addition to the usual pads for tongue cleaning, is located on the reverse side of the toothbrush, the most practical way for cleaning the tongue are the scrapers with different shapes and colors. These simple devices are very convenient to use and easy to maintain by washing with disinfectant.

Hygiene between meals

In addition to the usual mouthwash for the oral cavity and chewing gum (which, by the way, it is recommended to chew after meals no more than 10 minutes), you must use dental floss (preferably waxed for better glide) and fashionable brushes is made of silicone for cleaning interdental spaces. And here from excessive use of toothpicks should be abandoned, as they can easily injure the gums.

5 основных правил по уходу за улыбкой - Красота и здоровье -

Proper care of oral hygiene will help maintain healthy teeth for a long, godette:

The use of additional gadgets

Not many people know about this gadget as ultrasonic toothbrush that generates ultrasound, which removes plaque and helps prevent Tartar buildup by breaking down bacteria. And some such brushes have a UV sanitizer, which removes germs and bacteria on the bristles. Ultrasonic toothbrushes, primarily recommended for people with veneers, crowns, braces and implants.

Very useful and has already become a necessary gadget to care for the oral cavity is the oral irrigator. Due to the pulsation of the water is removed plaque and swept leftover food, but one of the main advantages of the irrigator is to massage the gums. Irrigators are completely different species and sizes — from stationary (dimensional enough devices with the volume pot and multiple functions) to portable (nearly the size of a toothbrush), which is convenient to take with you on trips. Irrigator can be filled not only with water and your favorite mouthwash to the oral cavity.


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