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3 steps to perfect eyebrows — how to give the correct shape eyebrows without makeup

All makeup artists in the voice saying the "right" eyebrows are the essential frame that holds the face. However, not all women, with due attention to my eyebrows: they are either overly emphasize or, on the contrary, simply ignore. Tell how correctly to enhance your natural beauty or, conversely, hide flaws.

The first step is to calculate the ideal length and width of your eyebrows. If you decided to do it at home without going to the beauty salon, the sequence of actions should be as follows. Take a ruler or pencil and draw a line between the wings of the nose and the inner corner of my eye. Continue the line in this place and should start your brow. Then move the pencil or a ruler to the outer edge of the eye and lock the point: at this point your eyebrow should end.

Once you've given your brows the desired shape, proceed to the next step. Now you need to choose the right color. Here are the rules: brunettes suit shades one shade lighter hair colors, but blondes need to choose the darker tone. For those who have light and dark-blond hair, suitable colour tone on tone with the hair.

And finally, the third step is to select necessary only for you a tool for eyebrows. From tattooing, we still advise you to give up. But the range of make-up tools today is quite extensive.

The fastest way to give the necessary color to the brows is a pencil. But you need to choose those that are created for the eyebrows. For example, the eyebrow pencil, the Eyebrow Stylist from SLEEK MAKEUP.

3 шага к идеальным бровям

Photo: materials of press-services

One side is pencil, the other is a special brush to draw perfect eyebrows.

To use the pencil, you will need some skill, otherwise one wrong move, and the eyebrows will need to "redraw".

Some prefer to use eyebrow mascara. Because it gives color and shape in just one movement.

3 шага к идеальным бровям

Photo: materials of press-services

The eyebrow mascara Wonder Drawing from cult Korean brand Holika Holika easy to apply thanks to a special brush, which gives the eyebrows a natural deep color and not smeared during the day.

For "advanced" in the beauty field girls serve the shadows or palettes for eyebrows. Eye shadow eyebrow Alvin D'or have a creamy texture that allows to apply them quickly and easily.

3 шага к идеальным бровям

Photo: materials of press-services

Hold the shade all day. If you get caught in the rain, don't worry: your eyebrows "not float".

Also, now there the latest tools that solve several problems at once. Concealer for styling Eyebrow Corrector Eveline not only gives the perfect shape and colour eyebrows, but thanks to the innovative formula improves hair condition — strengthens, nourishes and adds volume.

3 шага к идеальным бровям

Photo: materials of press-services

Brush the latest generation BIG BALL BRUSHTM with round head provides precise application of the corrector without skin contact beyond the line of the eyebrows. You can choose one of two shades of concealer — light brown and dark brown.

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