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Change it immediately — what beauty tools of your cosmetic bag should be postponed until the warm days, and which must be purchased

Autumn is a harsh time for our body. The constant wind, sleet, freezing on the street. Dry air due to the heating in the room. No wonder the skin begins to dry, peel off, the hair turn into straw. Therefore, immediately after you put it in the closet open dresses and sandals and do your makeup. Some funds can wait until after warm days, and something will have to buy.


Remember the mantra: cleanse, hydration and protection. These three points should pay special attention in the transition period between warm summers and cold winters.

For cleansing you should choose funds without soap. Be sure to use lotion after each washing. The second important aspect is hydration. Scientifically proven: in autumn, our skin loses water faster — up to half a liter a day, leading to its aging. Read on jars of cream. Leave (or get) those, with a note: "restoring" or "protecting". Important note: in the "autumn" of creams should not be much of components. And certainly during the next day, keep a bottle of thermal water every two hours to moisturize the skin.

Because in the cold season our skin is more prone to allergic reactions, choose care of only one, but proven lines. Intense soothing fluid TOLERIANE ULTRA FLUIDE established Dermatological laboratory La Roche - Posay specifically for ultrafunctional skin, prone to fat.

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The innovative formula contains a minimum number of components. This Neurotensin (molecule possessing potent anti-inflammatory and calming effect), Squalene (a natural component of sebum), DRY FLO (powdered adsorbent to create Matt skin) and, of course, Thermal water LA ROCHE - POSAY, known for its antioxidant properties. By the way, this tool is suitable even for the sensitive area around the eyes.


Never leave home with makeup on lips. And it's not in the aesthetic side of things. Just a gentle and sensitive skin can be easily covered with cracks and sores. Lip gloss is better to get away. They are just dry skin — as well as extensively drug resistant lipstick. But suitable balms and lipsticks with beeswax.

Lip balm MINT BONBON the brand Shik Halal prepared on the basis of coconut oil and almond oil with the addition of the best varieties of Swiss white chocolate. And peppermint oil in the composition of this medium not only acts as an antiseptic and heals wounds on the delicate skin of the lips, but also creates the effect of a soft chill as if you just drank ice-cold lemonade.

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Important note: all cosmetics Shik Halal is done manually, therefore, know that each jar has a piece of work those lovely ladies who came up with this project.


Despite the fact that is a sexy open dresses we are now buttoned up, it is impossible to forget about body care. Try to at least once a week to go in the bath. On other days, taking a bath, add some sea salt, essential oil (no more than three drops) or medicinal teas — suitable chamomile, rosemary and even tarragon. By the way, this aromatherapy not only moisturizes the skin, but fights against the autumn Blues. And you can make a real milk bath. Enough to pour in water only a Cup of cream, and the skin becomes velvety and soft, like a baby.

For daily care are a recent innovation from NIVEA — body milk with nourishing oils "Perfect care".

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Gentle provides intensive care due to the content of valuable natural oils which effectively nourish the skin. Shea butter, part of the news, deeply moisturizes and gently protects the skin, promotes its recovery and returns elasticity. And even this lotion has incredible flavor, which harmoniously combines notes of feminine rose, tart, clove, cedar wood, Mandarin, bergamot and ylang-ylang.


Hair fall experience the real stress. All for the same reason: the wind, the sleet, the temperature drops. Yes, we know that our hair tends to thin out. But if normal daily loss is 40-80 hair fall, this figure rises to 120. Therefore, without waiting for any visible results of this process, immediately do the rescue. Thai brand Genive produces a whole line of products to prevent baldness, and also for sprouting thick and beautiful hair.

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The formula itself means secret, and therefore to have only those substances that someone may be allergic. These funds are suitable for both men and women, because the problem of hair loss is relevant to all. The line includes shampoo and conditioner for hair, masks for hair — hair loss, for growth, spray for the scalp.

Another autumn issue — frizzy hair. As the weather this time of year is unpredictable — the sun's rays can at one point be replaced by heavy rain and strong winds, something very difficult to maintain your hairstyle. Therefore, it is important to choose the right and effective styling. Taft made this season a gift — nail Polish and lotion for hair Taft Ultra Control with innovative control technology 3-in-1.

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New effective formula with technology 3-in-1 that contains innovative polymers, tames frizzy hair and out hair, effectively removes the static electricity in the hair, providing long-lasting styling.

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