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Sports equipment: collected makeup to the gym, pool and sauna

Chlorinated water, air conditioning in the hall, dehydration and other troubles can be cleaned, taking a proper cosmetic products

"Oh sport, you are peace!", as well as beauty, health and energy. Sport has long become a must-have item the beauty of the program: aerobics, gym and swimming positively affect not only our figure, but also on the skin of the face and body. But it is important to remember that every coin has two sides.

The positive influence of sports loads, we feel not only physical but also mental level (which, of course, affects our appearance). Active girls it is easier to cope with stress, they are much less likely to develop depression. Sports help to suppress the stress hormone, cortisol — and, consequently, in the overall standings, it becomes less than the happiness hormone endorphin. So the advice: "Sad — go to the gym!" — have a justification. To undoubted advantages not faded in front of these potential disadvantages, it is important to carefully and correctly pack a bag in the pool, yoga or dance class. Minimalism and austerity are irrelevant: it is important to take care of the hair (especially if you do swim), the skin of the face and body, nails and hygiene of the intimate area.

In the pool

A basic beauty rule, which is to adhere to even the most avid fans of makeup, no makeup on the lanes! First, it makes no sense: even the most that neither is water resistant means after the hour of vigorous swimming will hand over their positions. Second, harmless and decorative products may enter into unpredictable reactions with the chlorine, which is full of pools of our country.

But a protective cream or serum to apply. Well, if their composition will be intensively moisturising ingredients that help lock moisture and strengthen the skin's natural protection. Apply the product after a shower, pre-going to the pool. This should be done not only for hygiene purposes but also to prepare the face and body to chlorinated water. Pre-moistened skin worse absorb the reagents, therefore, fewer chances of flaking and discomfort. The water temperature should be room. No hot baths — so you open the pores and allow the chlorine green light.

So unloved many hats is a prerequisite to stay in the pool. Most are confident that these unsightly rubber products are exclusively used to protect hair from moisture, saying that after the heat won't have to wash hair, so you'll save time on fees. But above all, tight-fitting cap protects the bulbs and the ends of the hair from the chlorine that is able to dry the healthiest locks. To protect hair, you can apply under cap regular conditioner for the hair. Those who are seriously engaged in swimming, should pay attention to serum, which have exceptional protective properties. Even if under the hood got quite a bit of water, you will have to wash your hair with a special shampoo and not to forget about the air conditioning.

After the swim, the hike in the shower is the required procedure. It is important to thoroughly wash off the body and face all hard chemicals. Excluded from the process tools with little particles and rigid gels our skin and so long endured, and now need to reassure her gentle formulas. Can be included in the ritual of purification products with antibacterial components that can prevent rash on chest and back. Alas, such a reaction to hard water is not uncommon, and should be to stop it at the beginning.

Already in the dressing room to restore the water balance of the skin and body use of solid oil (coconut, Shea), your favorite moisturizers and fluids. Wet hair can be sprinkled with indelible conditioner or use a light oil for hair — this will prevent them section. Separately it is necessary to take care of the health and beauty of the eyes. It only takes a few drops to cause swelling and redness of the delicate skin of the eyelids, and mucous can become the victim of allergic conjunctivitis. By the way, to the protection needs and the nail plate, which is under the influence of chlorine may exfoliate and break. Preventive application of a top coating is necessary.

The gym and sauna

As you start your workout? Someone slowly warmed up, someone languishing in anticipation of the start of group classes. Beauticians strongly recommend to start with a thorough cleansing of the skin. During intense exercise we sweat, and if during this natural detox face mixed day dust, other impurities, makeup residue and be prepared to rashes. Many girls with problem skin blame directly sport that is fundamentally wrong. Gymnastics is useful against acne and other dermatological problems but it is important to correctly prepare your skin to stress. If you can't imagine being with a naked face surrounded by other visitors of the fitness club, after careful cleansing, use of toning means with a light mineral texture that will not clog the pores. Of course, after the lessons you want to take a shower or at least wash your face, then apply moisturizer. The eye makeup beauticians and ophthalmologists strict requirement is not imposed. It is important to use water-resistant and grease-proof makeup that will not float after the first approach or ten-minute warm-up. For lips suitable nourishing balms. If you want to be in all its glory, use tentovye texture — they are light, resistant and used both on lips and cheeks.

Very often, after a swim, yoga session or gym as we love to relax in the sauna or the bathroom. The main cosmetic function of these "hot spots" — deep cleansing of the skin. High temperatures and exposure to steam allow as long as possible to open, circulation increases, and sweat and sebaceous glands begin to work more intensively. Remember: in the steam room you can go only after a shower (even if you didn't play sports). Contaminated surface of the epidermis — the remnants of makeup, the dust then slows down all of the detox processes. After a steam room it is important to nourish the skin with active substances. After all water treatments, apply a nourishing body oil or a light lotion and the face cream a favorite treat or a light fluid. It is important to take care of the protection of hair from exposure to elevated temperatures. Cope with your usual heat protection spray that you treat the strands before blow-drying. And remember: all sports are threatened by dehydration, if not timely replenish the moisture balance. Bottled water must be present in any gym bag!

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