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Watching the lips — how to choose the right lipstick or gloss

Lipstick should be in the Arsenal of every woman. This is — an axiom. But selecting and applying it is necessary to observe a few simple rules. And then you will just have to collect compliments and admiring glances.

So, the first rule. First "grind" the lips with a mild exfoliating agent to get rid of dead skin cells. Then apply a nourishing balm and powder the lips. Then the lipstick will lay down evenly and last longer.

You can take two separate funds (exfoliating gel and conditioner), but you can use ready-made set.

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Set for care of the lips Holika Holika 3-step Glamour lips — system, developed specially for the treatment of chapped and dry lips to make them healthy and attractive.

Step 1 (patch-peel): the patch is extract gold, cellulose, which help to gently remove rough skin cells in hard to reach places — between the fine lines and wrinkles of the lips.

Step 2 (patch hydrogel mask to give volume): contains hyaluronic acid that supplies the skin with moisture, also the patch contains collagen which increase the vitality and elasticity of your skin.

Step 3 (patch honey essence): contains Manuka honey and Royal jelly nourish the lips and help retain moisture.

Next, outline the lip contour with a pencil. Makeup artists suggest to color match tone on tone with the color of the lipstick. And finally, the final stage — apply a first coat of lipstick, then blot lips with a tissue and apply a second coat.


The sensuality of full lips emphasizes or matte lipstick with a satin effect.

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Popular British brand Sleek MakeUP is a whole collection of lipsticks with a persistent creamy texture. She felt comfortable on the lips and has a velvety semi-matte finish. The effect of applying lipstick is not only aesthetic. The composition includes vitamin E, Shea butter and coconut oil, through which the lipstick is not only dry, but also moisturizes sensitive skin of the lips.

If you have thin lips, we should focus on glossy lipstick, it will give extra volume.

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Lipstick"Golden Shine" by Alvin D'or has a light texture that allows flawless application. Just one click and you get the rich Shine of gold micro particles. The collection includes ten shades to suit any taste.


Choose the right color lipstick. Now, when it's vintage, pay attention to the brown and orange colors, they look more natural.

Blondes go peach or pink undertones. Brunettes can easily wear the purple and lilac colors.

But with red lipstick, which, like the little black dress should be every woman, be careful. When choosing "your" shade consult with the consultant. Or attempt, by trial and error to find the best option.


Despite the fact that lipstick is now again in trend, do not forget about the glitter — indispensable tools in any makeup bag. Still, lipstick is something very binding, and gloss to lipstick, even on the run. Besides, today's generation of glitter solves a lot of problems.

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New lasting lip gloss from Babor line AGE ID thanks to optical filling effect adds volume to the lips. Gloss available in six shades. Personally, we "set" the pink — Urban pink. And not only because pink is located in trend. Just Urban pink from Babor allows you to visually refresh the complexion, besides suitable for both blondes and brunettes.


Well, what about those who want to get a flawless matte shade, but the lipsticks, which is experiencing a rebirth, however, is mistrust.

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From Eveline Cosmetics introduces a new lip Velvet MaC. It is a spectacular combination of textures Shine with saturation of lipstick. Lipstick enriched with vitamin complex A, E, F which care for the delicate lip skin and ensures its optimum level of hydration. The perfect solution for cold season!

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