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Means from depression collected the major beauty innovations this fall, each time to lighten the mood and greatly improve the life

Autumn is the perfect time to begin a course of renewal and rejuvenation with retinol. Because it increases skin sensitivity, so it's best to use it either in night treatments, or in the season, when reduced solar activity. That is precisely now, when the street — constant twilight and slush. And in the spring and summer to make a serious break.

The path of renewal

Retinol has long established itself as one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients in cosmetics. This is a powerful natural antioxidant and moisturizer, is able to quickly show visible results.

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Brand of professional cosmetics Sesderma released this fall is very timely product — anti-aging cream for eye contour with a triple molecule of retinol — RetiAge, Sesderma. Because the tool is extremely powerful, it is not recommended for use before 35 years. But for those who have wrinkles already appeared clearly and nastoichivo, the cream will be a real salvation. This tool increases the tone and elasticity of the skin, plumping it. Has a tightening, smoothing and moisturizing effect, evens tone and gives the skin an inner glow effect. Promotes elimination of bags and dark circles around the eyes.

A powerful rejuvenating effect is achieved thanks to the retinol system 3 — Retinol that provides a gradual release of vitamin A in the skin. Retinoids in combination with other active ingredients like hydrolysed hyaluronic acid and transforming growth factor TGF-β2, enhance its effect by simultaneously increasing the tolerance of the skin.

Hair: the taming of the shrew

Our hair fall behave absolutely inadequately. Often even the owner of normal hair suddenly begin to notice that their curls suddenly became greasy at the roots and dry at the tips. Not so long ago to fight this scourge was not so easy. After choosing remedies for oily hair, affecting the appearance, we further aggravated the situation. Such remedies for dry split ends act destructively, making them more brittle.

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A new collection of GARNIER PURE & CARE Tips Roots and is just designed to solve such problems. This is the first professional hair care from SYOSS with the salon Lipid IQ technology for freshness at the roots and protect the tips of the section. The line includes three tools. Balancing shampoo PURE & CARE Tips Roots and makes hair soft and elastic, guarantees up to 48 hours of freshness and prevents the appearance of split ends. Balms PURE & CARE Tips Roots and perfectly complements the shampoo and intensifies its effect, making the hair on all length, without weighing it down. The indelible spray-SYOSS care PURE & CARE Tips Roots and thanks to the technology of Lipid IQ reduces the cross-hair to 95% and provides three times more easy to comb.

For adherents of a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is the real trend of today. Therefore, more and more popular gadgets that monitor our activity, count calories and monitor heart rate.

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New Polar M600 — first smart watches, without which, I assure you after a week can not do. Because in these hours is the number of useful features that their mere enumeration might occupy a lot of space. Try to highlight the main and the main. So, the clock has a built-in optical heart rate monitor, GPS (for those who are going for Jogging and Cycling in the fresh air), activity tracker (lazy, which is parked about an hour, the watch will remind you that it would be necessary to stretch your bones), sleep monitoring (calculated including the duration of REM and slow wave sleep), count the calories you burn, and even wi-fi. To drive hours and using your voice. Important note: hours are impervious, so they can safely indulge in a swim or for a run in the rain. And, of course, they are protected shockproof glass. In a word, all adherents of healthy lifestyle can buy the watches immediately and you will long to discover all the new functions.

For a strong half

A strong half of mankind this autumn will enjoy a unique novelty — shaver Braun Series 9. It is a wonderful combination of unsurpassed design, the latest technology, exceptional efficiency and comfort.

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Just imagine: the process of creating razor Braun Series 9 included more than 1000 production stages and more than 200 quality checks. Razor was brought to perfection by a team of more than 60 engineers and scientists representing ten different disciplines. The result is impressive: more than four hundred parts working in perfect harmony, providing unprecedented efficiency and comfort when shaving. Powerful motor with a linear actuator 10 generates ultrasonic vibrations 000 and 40 000 cutting strokes per minute. Personally, we have no doubt: the collection Series 9 Braun will become the benchmark for guaranteed successful shave and a nice daily morning routines!

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