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Winter's coming: get your skin ready for the freezing temperatures? have collected the best beauty tools that will help you to prepare for serious cold weather

In the yard — it is still fall. However winter is almost seriously declared their rights. And then, we promise, will be even colder. Therefore, preparation for serious sub-zero temperatures you need to start now. And we'll show you how to do it correctly.

The result is obvious

In winter season our skin is faced with several problems. First, it is dryness and dehydration. Because the street is cold, often blowing in the wind; and in the room where the heating or air-conditioning, — dry air.

Secondly, we are faced with the malnutrition of the skin cells due to the narrowing of blood vessels (the fault of temperature changes on the street and indoors). Thirdly, the skin in the cold season are more prone to irritation and inflammation.

Therefore, before the arrival of cold weather is necessary to conduct an audit of its funds for the care of the skin. Alas, some of them will have to leave. For example, creams, light texture that is perfect in warm months, it is better to replace more dense. And moisturizers — protective. If in summer the main principles of care were: cleansing-moisturising-protection, then with the arrival of cold weather, you must go to the following scheme: cleansing-food-protection.

Carefully study the composition of the funds that you acquire. It is better to choose those products, which is natural extracts and vitamins E and A.

Зима на носу: ваша кожа готова к минусовым температурам?

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Cream for dry and sensitive skin from the Russian brand "Triumph of beauty" contains only herbal ingredients. Complex of herbal extracts with natural antioxidants, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial substances help to relieve dryness and irritation, so inherent to our skin in the cold season. Also, the cream enhances regenerative properties of the skin, stimulates the renewal of epidermis, tones up, rejuvenates, protects against negative environmental influences — wind, rain, dust.

Зима на носу: ваша кожа готова к минусовым температурам?

Photo: materials of press-services

To restore the quality and protective properties of the epidermis are proven creams with retinol. NEO RETINOL line from EVELINE Cosmetics is an innovative cosmetics with a clinically proven high-performance anti-ageing action of retinol. Can be used for the care of sensitive skin. As part of the tools — triple the concentration of the innovation component in the LOX-AGE™, a rejuvenating protein engineering and biotechnological method from the leaf extract of chicory (cichorium intybus). In the line there are creams for any age skin. Only, for example, in the mass for those who are 35 plus, there is an emphasis on hydration, and for category 55 plus more importantly regeneration of skin cells.

Like clockwork

In winter it becomes more relevant content in cosmetics oils that help to restore or to artificially create a barrier, preventing transepidermal water loss skin.

Brand of natural cosmetics from Morocco HUILARGAN offers a collection of oils — Avocado, Argan, Aloe Vera, Cocoa, Mango. They are all prepared according to ancient recipes of the Berbers, but using modern technology. As a result, we have the perfect tools that are useful for your skin and also have an instant and lasting effect.

Зима на носу: ваша кожа готова к минусовым температурам?

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To prepare the skin for the cold weather try the Shea Butter from HUILARGAN. In pure form it should be applied on dry skin, hands, lips as a protective balm. Cosmetic advantage of Shea butter is that it is a rich source of essential skin vitamins A, e, and F.

Also Shea butter is used for very dry skin and for treating problem skin. It's safe for sensitive baby skin. Excellent for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy and restores damaged hair.

Straight talk

Special attention should be given to cleansing. It is in the cold season should be more gentle and delicate. Totally abstain from spirtosoderzhashchikh cleansers and tonics, even if you have oily skin. Prefer gels and tools with essential oils. When washing try to keep the water not too hot — it dries skin by washing away from it all the fat.

Зима на носу: ваша кожа готова к минусовым температурам?

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Gentle cleansing milk for removing makeup from Himalaya Herbals, as well as all cosmetics that Indian brand, is composed of purely herbal ingredients. Soap nuts and Mandarin to gently cleanse and refresh the skin, cucumber moisturizes the skin, makes it clean and soft. The product is excellent for dry and sensitive skin.

By the way, in winter, due to the impact of external factors oily skin is closer to normal or even dry, and the normal can become dry and sensitive. It is important to note these changes and to introduce timely adjustments to daily care. If you want to determine your skin type in this length of time, it is possible to do such a test. Thoroughly clean your face (preferably do not use with tonic), then wait at least an hour (the skin needs to calm down), and then move and literally stick to the face of a thin papyrus paper. If the paper remains at least some residue, so your skin type — oily. If marks — the skin is normal or dry (the latter is more common).


Decorative cosmetics also must pass audit. In winter better to abandon liquid Foundation because they contain micro particles of water. It is better to start using any creams, a pencil or a compact powder.

Some makeup artists suggest the habit of lip gloss to replace lipstick. However, today's generation of glosses may well be used in the cold season.

Зима на носу: ваша кожа готова к минусовым температурам?

Photo: materials of press-services

Lipgloss UltraShine lipgloss Lovers from EVELINE Cosmetics has a delicate texture and an innovative formula that contains argan oil. This wonderful component intensively and takes care of the skin of the lips, providing an intense moisturizing effect. A great option even in the harsh winter cold!

The body — in the case

Many believe that our body is hidden under many clothes in the cold season does not require special attention. And for good reason! The skin on the body suffers even more than on the face. In addition to the same temperature changes, it is still because of the constant contact with the pile of clothes damaged and dry. Therefore, for 30-40 minutes before going outdoors, apply body moisturizing cream. And try to at least once a week to devote to yourself a couple of hours to do SPA treatments. Fortunately, now you can make a SPA right in the bathroom.

Зима на носу: ваша кожа готова к минусовым температурам?

Photo: materials of press-services

Chocolate body scrub with cocoa and Shea butter from Gloria — a great choice for grey November days. The scrub contains cocoa butter, Shea butter and coconut, which together moisturize and ground walnut husks of pine nuts in tandem with sea salt peeling has a powerful effect. Seductive aroma of chocolate makes this product indispensable for carrying out "delicious" SPA-hen parties or a romantic SPA for two. But even if you accept the procedure alone, in any case it will cheer you up and will leave a pleasant aftertaste.

Зима на носу: ваша кожа готова к минусовым температурам?

Photo: materials of press-services

And finishing SPA ritual can curl up under a warm blanket with a Cup of scalding of delicious and healthy tea. Brand Pharmacy, the Queen will be presented a collection of organic tea for beauty and health Thai Mad Tea Party. Each of the products is a real work of art. Tea "Blue Wings of a Butterfly" has a bright blue color and distinctive, like no taste. At home, in Thailand, this tea is considered the drink of royalty. And we understand why. Miraculous Jiaogulan, confirming its name, improves oxygen delivery to the tissues, destroys the fibrin plaque, actively fighting against all signs of aging. Tea "Slices Wooden Apple" soothes, relieves fatigue and stimulates the immune system, cleans the bronchi, cures the common cold, cleanses the bowel, strengthens the immune system. If if suddenly you fell ill (which in a wet November days is not uncommon), it is enough to make this tea, not later than three days to revert to the system. Well, if you blindfold and pour the tea "Red Milk", then you will remain in full confidence that drink this milk with vanilla. But the effect is amazing. This drink promotes longevity, stimulates mental activity, improves memory, slows down aging of the skin, strengthens immunity, lowers cholesterol, tones up, invigorates, has a strengthening effect on the immune system, rejuvenates every cell of the body, increases efficiency.

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